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@LDNMorgan maybe quit when you're ahead? SATC2 was pretty bad
All for it...provided it loses the microaggressions and forced plot of SATC2! / SJP on a Third Sex and the City:
Always read this as Lawrence of My Labia thx to SATC2 so I guess the film *does* have redeeming value!
Είμαστε όλοι συνδεδεμένοι! "Κρυφή Ομορφιά" τον Δεκέμβριο στους κιν/φους! #CollateralBeauty Πρωταγωνιστούν: Will...
@Tim_Batt what is @guy_mont constantly measuring in #twioat #satc2?!
Varför sku ja villa se SATC2 en gång till, liksom? etc etc osv
@Tim_Batt @guy_mont so crazy you guys mentioned Toto's "Africa" in ep44 #twioat #satc2 Been listening to @TheWIUO version of it nonstop.
@Tim_Batt @guy_mont DAMN! I didn't realise that 146 min was 5 hours! I guess the movie IS longer than I thought! #satc2
@Tim_Batt @guy_mont so what exactly is in the 5hr episode of #twioat #satc2? Will probably watch on a LONG bus ride home.
@DonaldClarke63 Did she apologise for SATC2?
hulu早く、SATC2早く!!!! 1も面白いけど、2も更にぶっ飛んでて面白いから早く!!!!
Me when Charlotte fell off the camel in SATC2
"Time doesn't the matter.The each time we see each other is wonderful.I'm lucky man" -SATC2 「会えない時間が会えた時の喜びを大きくする」お互いがこう思えるカップルって素敵やなあ*
I don't like this SJP character; she's stupid. Like Carrie in SATC2 stupid.....#HBODivorce
& complimented my bag and necklace! im totally feeling like he is an undercover "pula" (samanthas gay butler from SATC2)
penelope cruz cameo in SATC2....why
@Tim_Batt @guy_mont it's been ages since I've seen an episode or watched the first film...been putting off #satc2
I've reached the halfway point. #satc2 #twioat @Tim_Batt is at his darkest point yet. I think he needs a hug @guy_mont!
Συγκέντρωσε την οικογένειά σου & απολαύστε την καλύτερη animated ταινία της χρονιάς στους κιν/φους! "Πελαργοί"...
If I had to be stuck on a desert island, @Tim_Batt would be a good choice. He seems to know what to do! #twioat #satc2 🌴
@DanRebellato @RebeccaFront 'Imperialist pigdog!' (apologies to Mark Kermode's SATC2 rant)
Η καλύτερη #animation ταινία της χρονιάς σε περιμένει στους κιν/φους! "Πελαργοί" #Storks σε 2D, 3D και...
RT @mrbenjaminlaw: N.B. The SATC movies are abominations and @thelindywest's review of SATC2 is a masterpiece.