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RULE: Politicians children are off-limits. If the politician is a Democrat. Sarah Palin's kids were attacked. Now? 10 yr old Baron Trump.
Dems, Obama, can Bash Sarah Palin & her children & No Protests by "feminists", But Trump is evil? LOL #Bias
RT @MyVoiceOverGuy: #voiceover : Media Matters - Sarah Palin - Produced by: Media Matters for...
"Snookie and Sarah Palin are the same person" Franklin Ajaye
@ashleyfeinberg @AmandaMarcotte Is that Sarah Palin in the camo poncho in the background?
Sarah Palin giving me directions!
As a Trump supporter, even I have to admit the grizzly bear comment was straight out of Sarah Palin Job Interviewin…
.@BillKristol @leftferret Someone should tell Kristol that they took the word 'vulgar' away from him when he started supporting Sarah Palin.
This insanity won't be complete until Sarah Palin gets a position in the White House right? The suspense is killing me....I hope it'll last.
#voiceover : Media Matters - Sarah Palin - Produced by: Media Matters for...
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Palin, Sarah Going Rogue Autographed/Hand Signed Going Rogue 1st edition hardcover book on the insid
- SARAH PALIN She never stops advocating for America. Never! 🇺🇸 @SarahPalinUSA
@BeachDeb2 hilary is what republicans thought sarah palin would be lol, if hilary was a conservative id vote for her
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RT @Epyonzilla: Vous vous rappelez quand on avait peur que quelqu'un comme Sarah Palin entre au gouvernement US ? Ahaha, c'était le bon temps.
RT @AlanHinnrichs: What do climate scientists know next to real experts like Sarah Palin, Donald Trump and the Daily Mail #bbcaq
Remember when Sarah Palin could have been our Vice President and we thought THAT was bad????
David Letterman never stopped attacking Sarah Palin and her family. Years after the electdion he was still going. @DrLee4America