RT @GeorgeTakei: Sarah Palin is being floated as a possible ambassador to Canada. In response, Canada threatened to name William Shatner as its U.S. envoy.
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@JohnTrumpFanKJV @floridaguy267 I sometimes think the Globalists picked Sarah Palin for McCain thinking she'd be a dud. Opposite happened.
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Liam Fox's dept has a list of 50 countries as potential trade partners. No 2 on the list is 'Africa'. Sarah Palin must be the researcher
RT @jadejohnson1969: Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump's presidential bid | Fox News | you go girl!!
Caught on Camera: Sarah Palin experiments with *An arranged marriage*. #CardsAgainstHumanity
Sarah Palin proposes a shut down of the Medical Payment Advisory Commission to fight the rising federal deficit.
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