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@kelvinsapp1 is just a clown. Couldn't stop laughing. MMM is back again ooo by Kelvin Sapp
ラブライブは予約しなくても変えたけど、ラブライブとアイナナじゃあきっと仕入れ数が違うでしょう! ラブライブなんてまだ売ってるところあるからね!
もうここまでできてるのか〜! 発売日決まったら前うたプリのアイプラス予約したところに予約できるか聞いてみよう〜
RT @jimukichiiwata: 仕入れ担当、見本市参加中。ぺんてるさんのブースでアイドリッシュセブンのアイプラス発見!!事務キチ磐田店当然販売します!!
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I just want another mustang so bad😩
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sitting with my ninjas they complaining about the blue tick on What'sApp hayy!! ku buurd...
RT @MelvinDunksOnYa: 3. Marvin Sapp - Never Would Have Made It 🙏🏿🙌🏽
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Worst night of my entire life
@FlyersDeura I havent. Thanks sounds awesome! Favre, Emmitt, Prime Time, Moss & Sapp on the same team would be sexy
RT @sexyrotten: Sometimes I want to text people like GM u piece of shit I hope u rot in hell 😂😂😂
@BlackPeopleGif @BigBoyJameis @EASPORTS_MUT No Brooks, no Selmon, no Alstott, no Barber, no Sapp, no Lynch, so many possible players..
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