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#VOXalNatural Doc, ¿qué nos pasa en el futuro?, ¿nos volvemos gilipollas o algo parecido?
@iFearlezz @santino_austin He won't but I must say, that was FUN AF!!! My heart still racing 😂😂😂😂
@QuiKGunZ Now we need @santino_austin to join us for some BlackOut
Santino está llorando SAME
RT @SportsCenter: This got out of hand quickly 😳
Bien oso. Gooool!!!❤⚽️
Es pratto o mbappe?
Santino Rocchetti - I miei giorni felici
@nikkijadeday He was great but I miss Santino's baritone real bad
I eat her flesh, you know the rest.
@Ayee_YO_nick Appreciate it bro, all is well.🙂
RT @SavonGotti: You can do a female like this for 30 mins and they a only rub yo back for 3 🤦🏽‍♂️
-Cómo te llamás? +Santino *que no lo diga* *que no lo diga* *que no lo diga* AHHH COMO EL DEL PADRINO NO?
RT @KirvinLamar: Y’all weirdos love to flex y’all relationship on social media, mean while that shit been fake the whole time🤣
RT @Kie8900: Yall better not wear them with them pants and y’all know exactly which pants I’m talking about
RT @severonisantin1: @severonis Dr Santino Severoni highlights the @WHO_Europe experience bringing together research evidence, policy de…
I got a girlfriend now. 🙂