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Lyford Basketball Classic Gm 1 Lyford JV 26 PSJA Memorial JV 38 Gm 2 Santa Gertrudis 54 Weslaco JV 40
RT @ElViejonAgrio: Querido Santa: Para este año 2017, quiero pedirte, nuevos enemigos y gente envidiosa nueva. Porque los del 2016…
RT @SundayShoutsFC: If Loris Karius was dressed in a Santa outfit. 😂😅 #PowerOfFrozen
#Santa how does Rudolph's nose glow? Not a red bulb like in cartoons! Some reindeer have red noses, his glows more…
#Santa always struck me as a #timetraveler, I mean, how else does he deliver all those presents…
RT @NOT_MOTD: Lets clear this up once and for all: Who's the better goalkeeper? RT for Santa Like for Karius #PowerOfFrozen
@zanozin совершенно некомпетентен в комментировании киберспорта, яркий тому пример трактовка слова "пуш". Надеюсь @v1lat ему объяснит.
RT @caromtz_11: Dios tenga en su santa gloria a Kimmy Pedraza 🙏🏾
RT @whoareyouthox: When Santa brings the slay instead of the sleigh
RT @mtk5683: Santa bringing some good cheer to Leyden Family Services #leydenpride
RT @LandsEnd: Day 22: How do you keep the magic of Santa alive in your house? #santaforaday #LandsEndHoliday #contest
RT @Jenna_Marbles: Santa can deliver presents to every kid in the world in one night and the mail can't get me one fucking package I ordered for fucks sake
"I told you I was confident. Eto wait, AHAHAHA." Thank you Nang Berj a.k.a. Secret Santa! All smilessssss.
RT @_______Manny: Lmaoo Santa looking like he about to risk it all...
RT @sissyknits: Being on the naughty list just means Santa brings me sex toys and cheesecake.
RT @Breaking911: Santa resigns after telling boy 'lay off the burgers' -
RT @DrDavidFleming: Giant Santa cake to mark Phil Redmond's term as Chairman of @NML_Muse . Top man (Phil, not Santa...)
RT @_______Manny: Lmaoo Santa looking like he about to risk it all...
Loool got £4.63 in my bank and I'm expected to be involved in secret Santa haha set someone up for pure disappointment there x
O problema não é ser piranha, mas não vem pagar de santa