San Francisco Bay Area

Every single car driving down el Camino right now honking in support of trump protestors I'm so proud to be from the Silicon Valley ❤️
@isurppo @pnppro1 @pnpdpcr school visitation at San Jose National High School
RT @erumzls: #ConLaComunidad Reformulación del Macroproyecto generará nuevos equipamientos urbanos en San José con iniciativas d…
@teeging @Karoli Crazy storm from San Francisco all the way down to San Diego.
RT @josefow: San Francisco sends out a rainbow of hope into a stormy Inauguration Day sky. #LoveNotHateIsWhatMakesAmericaGreat
RT @oaxacain: Confirman deceso del joven Daniel Ruíz Jiménez de 22 años, quien estaba atrapado en una mina de San José de Gracia,…
Arrancan obras en Cordoncillo, Mesa Blanca y San Francisco
No - Tech didn't liberate us: It just gave the trolls, racists and fascists a big megaphone #notmypresident
I'm at Parque de Aserri in Aserrí, San José
NEW: Unconfirmed crash in Duval on I-295 W south before San Jose.
current weather in San Jose: light rain, 51°F 66% humidity, wind 9mph, pressure 994mb
RT @COMANDANTE_EJC: [LOÚLTIMO] En libertad Nelson Bermeo, secuestrado hace 4 días por delincuencia común en San José de Fragua.…
I'm at Aserrí in Aserrí, San José
RT @theprinceofssbm: So I accidentally ended up in San Jose Costa Rica lol... 😭😭😭
#franchise/ hilton hotel san-francisco muni
Check out Pacific Union’s San Francisco 2016 Q4 Market Pulse video:
Accounting Manaer - Kranz & Associates - San Francisco Bay Area, CA
RT @rSJEarthquakes: San Jose Ultras - Open Letter to All Quakes Fans #Quakes74
#BREAKING: 1 injured after construction scaffolding falls on Turk and Market streets in San Francisco
What San Francisco's Backlash Against A Chinese Start-Up Says About East-West Cultural Differences