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RT @KudoKun_: 고작 1-2년 전에 한 장에 3억 5천 정도라고 했던 거 같았던 인공 고기 햄버거가 벌써 시판에 들어갔다고 한다. 하나에 16-20달러. 일반 버거보다 1.5배 정도 비싼데 그 사이에 여기까지 낮췄다는 게..
RT @TheSpanishHits: Después de Ti, ¿Quién? - La Adictiva Banda San José de Mesillas
RT @DrSamuelJohnson: Alt-Right (n.) Curious Cacophony of callow Crusaders, attempting to varnish the Politicks of Old Prussia with the Veneer of Silicon Valley
Ringier, Tamedia & NZZ zahlen 7,5 Millionen für ETH-Zentrum der Medientechnologie. Laut Kleinreport auch SRG dabei.
My best friend is moving to San Francisco for college and I just want to pack myself in a bag for her to take me with //;
RT @npnikk: June 2016: San Jose protesters attack Trump supporters with punches, eggs..
RT #FANTASY ADVENTURE @newsuperantonio ❈❇WATERHOUSE❇❈ #ComingOfAge Magical San Francisco #ASMSG
RT @NiallOfficial: San Jose thank you . That was beautiful and crazy all at the same time . Enjoy the rest of your night . @iHeartRadio
Eat in Silicon Valley! Get on the road quick w/ $50 from Lyft! Credit Code: JOX #lyftcoupon #lyftcode #lyftdeal
Taylin went all the way to San Francisco just to get some boba. EXTRA.
@namredniMD Founded the Temple of Set a ritual satanic group known to have underground tunnels for children on the Base in San Francisco
The Circle Trailer: Emma Watson Takes on Silicon Valley via @marshawright
RESI San Francisco January 10th 2017 Save $100 with discount code MDT2017 #RESI Medtech #startup #medtech #Medical
La burbuja de los becarios en Silicon Valley: todo gratis a cambio de trabajar @LaVanguardia
Snagging freebie Park Central Hotel San Francisco cab. Lyft credit code PIGLET gives $50 in free rides to top uber promo. SkyHigh.
Got the W in San Jose this weekend. Only one more week until the finals. @ariatinternational @Bloods
RT @TheSpanishHits: Después de Ti, ¿Quién? - La Adictiva Banda San José de Mesillas
RT @VictorB123: The latest rage in Silicon Valley offices is "open seating". I call it "termite colony seating". IT SUCKS.
San Jose Sr17 N Sr85 Con / Sr17 N Sr85 N Con **Trfc Collision-No Inj**