Sammy Pepper

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@live919fm I can't stop laughing at how Bra Sammy was chewing the ice cubes. He was taken it like there was hot pepper in He force waa
@Moriarty_Sammy *He returns the kiss and deepens it. Moving only to pepper your cheeks with it.*
So good ol' Sammy Pepper has started some Kickstarter to delete his channel. Guess how much?
Started watching Sammy Davis Jr and Peter Lawford in Salt and Pepper.
PC Forcillo's partner calls pepper spray "totally useless" in Sammy Yatim standoff.
Nothin worse than gettin banana peppers on a sammy n biting into the top/stem of a pepper! Cut dem shits off, pepper processors, it's gross!
You think the night is over and then Snow and Sammy surprise you with Dr. Pepper. Who needs sleep?! 😂😂