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Ryanair: sizzeldawg3 Hi Sammi, is it a uk passport? gm
@sizzeldawg3 Hi Sammi, is it a uk passport? gm
RT @AnnaRNarehood: this is so funny @noah_kendall108 @sammi_valeriano
RT @fyeahahs: Ryan Murphy teases American Horror Story crossover season
RT @3amfeeI: went from boo to who real quick lol
RT @RoseEllenDix: Guys. This is how she's genuinely dressed to walk the dog. There's a dressing gown under her fucking coat 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
Ninya nithini?
@sammi_shapiro Goodlook Sammi... Thanks for moving to OHIO
RT @Fact: The human mind spends most of it's time replaying memories over and over with the desire to relive them.
Your dogged persistence is your saving grace today as circumst... More for Taurus
@sammiroxvip Good night Sammi. sweet dreams.
happy bday pickle❤️hope you have a sweet 16! @NicholasGuardad
@Sammi_Cash @troybuttonswag1 pics taken pre-facelift 🚑🚑
RT @annat7125: "I donno if it's the cow shit or the bullshit. Either way I'm smelling shit" #TheBachelor
RT @OTHdiary: Lucas and Haley defined friendship goals since season 1 episode 1.
RT @sammiroxvip: How was everyone's day? Mine was filled with fun, laughter and some naughtiness. 💋💋 Sammi #sexy #mature #escort
RT @ellieprorok: do! not! stay! around! people! who! make! you! feel! like! you're! hard! to! love!
@HunterRowland SAME 😩😭❤ I LOVE YOU
RT @HunterRowland: I want you and only you, I know it 😌
RT @sammi_nigltd: Try our decorative stamped concrete floors # mouth watering price @ best quality guaranteed # PROUDLY NIGERIAN#
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