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RT @SLSingh: "Life for self-employed workers" Suzanne prob a nice person, but should the BBC promote pseudoscientific businesses…
@DrAliceRoberts great illustrations Alice
RT @SLSingh: Oscar nominated animated short SANJAY'S SUPER TEAM is now available on Vimeo
@iainlee get the daily / weekly podcasts from @TWiT such as Macbreak Weekly and The New Screen Savers
RT @CllrFitzpatrick: Labour members upset by I Daniel Blake - pass motions in CLP 4 Labour to abolish ESA & Universal Credit & restore sickness/incapacity ben
RT @mencap_charity: "A Down's is not a person." Do you want to see DJ Casey shatter out-dated views of #Downsyndrome? Watch his epic vi…
RT @genderfreeDV: This is an issue @TonyDDyer u can make a real difference in as historic ideological approach is in total contrast t…
RT @genderfreeDV: Male survivor twitter follower said our advice gave him the strength to go to @WMPolice "4 hours of tears & honesty after 8 years of abuse"
RT @CoyneoftheRealm: Authors of trial of CBT for distress related to dialysis thank @bengoldacre for pointing out anomalies in reporting.
RT @senseaboutsci: "Promises of miracle cures should be viewed with extreme scepticism" Check out our guide
Also @CoyneoftheRealm #burnout isn't a medical condition. It's a made up fictional term for "occupational stress"
RT @jk_rowling: One day in the far distant future we'll look back and we WONT LAUGH, LABOUR, BECAUSE THIS ISN'T BLOODY FUNNY.
RT @EpilepsyFdn: FDA issues safety alert on improperly labeled lamotrigine. Find how to check your medicine & RT to share the news
RT @ProtocoIDriven: Scandalous: "@NHSEngland tells us that we can't publish our STPs". Public deserve to know.
An imaginary HQ is like financial homeopathy. There's nothing in it. It's fraud @samdownie @tim_cook
@samdownie nothin whatsoever to do with innovation. Everything to do with not paying fair share @tim_cook
@samdownie I did. It was a defence of lying @tim_cook
@samdownie so you think it;s legitimate to peretend you have HQ which has no employees or building? I call it lies @tim_cook
RT @CoyneoftheRealm: My new @PLOSBlogs post: Skeptical look at The Lancet behavioural activation versus CBT for depression (COBRA) study.
@david_colquhoun read letter from @tim_cook it's not just tax but an attack on innovation and Law by the EC
I stand with @tim_cook #AppleTax with his letter on tax, innovation and jobs. The EC want to change the law.
RT @KarlTurnerMP: Incredibly important initiative. Please support and RT.