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RT @weeranan: 12 วันล้อมวัดธรรมกาย วัด-รัฐใครได้ใครเสีย? #VoiceNews
RT @ChiIIVlbes: It hurts when person you can't forget, forgets you.
#jeopardy didn't sound like Sam got the actual word Tuskegee out.
أذكار_الصباح - سبحان الله وبحمده عدد خلقهِ ورِضَا نفسِهِ وزِنُة عَرشِهِ ومِداد كلماته( ثلاث مرات إذا أصبح )
Nearly got hit by a van today and the driver shouted 'DO YOU WANNA DIE?!' and I just went 'a little bit'
RT @Cinephilliacy: Viola Davis holding the Oscar statuette which the Keating 5 will be using soon to kill, her husband, Sam.
why do some people insist on ruining my good vibes pls try and keep your negative shit in your own lane
RT @PatriotoffUA: Порошенко против блокады,Захар с Плотником против блокады,путин против блокады,а народ Украины за и нам на@рать на ваши против!Жгите хлопцы!
RT @abrovinodz: Ja sam njima pinovan, oni su meni pinovani <3
The right girl will get the right treatment 💯
Sam B. is drinking a Sidecar Orange Pale Ale
RT @rinakookie: So basically thats: mu myeong = rm sam maek jong = jhope su ho = jin ban ryu =suga And no match for dan se, eo ul, jm & jk
odlučila sam da postanem presveta bogorodica
às vezes acho sam e dean muito burros mas algumas vezes (ênfase em algumas vezes, que significa bem poucas vezes mesmo) acho eles uns gênios
RT @bbyheathh: goodnight I love Heath and Scotty and Sam and Jess💕
RT @So_JusTIfied: That's not shallow, that's a preference! You require that sh*t lol
RT @crackcokaine: This crackhead got a squirrel and a turtle
RT @AdamSchefter: Antonio Brown deal: 4-year extension worth $68 million - 17M per year over 4 years, and $18.5M over 3 years. Tied to Steelers through 2021.
RT @GeneralHospital: TIME IS NOT ON THEIR SIDE ... Sam fights to keep herself & her unborn child alive. Will Jason make it in time? New…