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We teach women salesforce admin & development and also help the to get careers in salesforce. get in touch and we can work together
RT @WordStream: The 5 Online Marketing Metrics You Must Understand and Why. Cool infographics! via @SalesforceCA --…
Just earned the Salesforce1 Rollout badge on @trailhead and you should too! via @trailhead
RT @DouglasCAyers: Confirmed expected behavior. Checkboxes are either TRUE or FALSE, never NULL so not overwritten in Lead Conversion…
Just earned the Salesforce User Basics badge on @trailhead and you should too! via @trailhead
Automate your @marketo and @salesforce list imports using @TIBCO #Simplr! Templates cut these tasks out of your day!
Having a technology stack that can grow with your business is crucial to your success.
The latest Salesforce Technology Roundup! Thanks to @dpcrmguru @AndrewDripdrew @jmmougeolle
[New] Connecting #Salesforce using SOAP API in C#
we support women in tech we teach women salesforce and help them get careers in salesforce
RT @Brainiate: RSVP for the #FREE #Salesforce #NYC #WorldTour taking place on 12/15/16. See you there?
@WomenWhoCode we support women who code we help women how to use salesforce and enter the salesforce employement
RT @JulietteForce: 'Tis the season to be jolly! Fun times at the salesforce holiday party last night @krislande @RebeccaSaar
🏖#DigitalWeekEnd Salesforce se branche vraiment au cloud d’Amazon Web Services ▶️ @itespressofr
We're #hiring! Read about our latest #job opening here: Salesforce Solution Architect - #ProjectMgmt #Melbourne