RT @SalafiMV: 📡 #LiveNow on Radio:: 📗 Sharh of #AqeedatuRaaziyain 🎙 By Ustādh @AbuAnasMV 🕌 At Masjid Salāhuddeen 💻
📡 #LiveNow on Radio:: 📗 Sharh of #AqeedatuRaaziyain 🎙 By Ustādh @AbuAnasMV 🕌 At Masjid Salāhuddeen 💻
(ثم رددنا لكم الكرة عليهم وأمددناكم بأموال وبنين وجعلناكم أكثر نفيرا) [الإسراء:6]
One hand #Egypt wants/is interested in fighting radicalisation, on the other, Salafi hate groups such as #Daffe3 are gaining strength
It's always amazing how Salafi movements are intertwined with mafias and banditry across the world
RT @SalafiDVO: Dedended ahlul bid'ah. Now where is he?! Defending Bilal Philipps and Green lane Mosque! Criticizing Salafi Du'at like Abu Khadeejah
واللـه ير‌يد أن يتوب عليكم وير‌يد الذين يتبعون الشهوات أن تميلوا ميلا عظيما ﴿٢٧﴾ -- النساء #Quran
RT @MumbaiDiKudi: A Kerala salafi preacher said that don't send ur children to mainstream school that attempts to take them away from Allah & make Kaffirs.
Good morning to everyone except for FSA ISIS Supporters and Salafi and Jihadists and Every rebel in Syria.
@AbuTaymiyaMJ What benefit in adding the humming at the back?Authentic Ilm suffices the salafi to soften the heart.
@islamlie2 @TarekFatah SALAFI RUBBISH @ its best...des BASTARDS must b removed from da face of da earth... products of american patronage
Kashmir belongs to Hindus & Buddhist, we got there 5000 years before U wahabi, Salafi sunni bastards.....
RT @SalafiPubs: Destroying the doubt that “Sh. Wasi’ullah Criticises Salafi Publications so you must accept that!” by Anwar Wright
RT @MarkazMuaadh: Ibn Qayyim: "To delay making sincere repentance from sin is a sin itself which one must repent from." [Madaarij as-Saalikheen 1/272-273]
I liked a @YouTube video from @BonesRodriguez The ONE Thing That RICH People Buy- That The Poor and Middle
@_InExtremis @PaganTrad @yehlog this guy is salafi Islamist. I bet he wouldn't have even heard of kanaka and kanaka kitakk
Entar kalau dialam kubur gak bakal ditanyain kok kamu aliran suni, Nu, muhammadiyah, salafi, Mta dll cuman ditanyain agamamu tuhanmu 😢
RT @adammbaron: Important and revealing interview with powerful Salafi Taiz resistance leader Abu Abbas (AR).
Rasa mcm over sampai mengalahkan isu Aswaja vs Salafi lol.
RT @rraina1481: @minhazmerchant:@Ram_Guha:Ji,The Wahabi Salafi movement has ruined Kmr.Go & see the changing architecture of Mosques there? D damage is deep
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