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Shoutout for 17-point man Steve Shingler in the Saints.
@JohnRConstable @eff_tee_emm @Harryslaststand Govt democratically accountable. Not all billionaires are saints like Gates (e.g. Koch bros).
RT @ASlater247: One-on-One With Future #Kentucky PG Quade Green @Q_Green1 of @PSACardinals & @NG_Saints (VI…
RT @Desailaur: Virgin and Child with Saints detail of an open book 1509. Gerard David ... @marcelcel3 @Helisabethhh @Anabolenaaa
RT @SunitaNeb: Saints like Asaram Bapu Ji are SAVIOURS of Hinduism and this is the main reason why #ConspiracyOnHindutva
RT @VenueOswestry: Junior Saints @tnsfc football sessions for ages 7-11 every Monday during term times!
@RedelionSC GTA? Dirás Saints Row xD No te preocupes, que Tennosuke y Abe volverán pronto.
Any truth in the rumour tadic & puel fell out & puel tried to place him on the transfer list but board refused puel could be sacked? #saints
SIGNED The New Orleans Saints Book 2- by Christian Serpas
SIGNED The New Orleans Saints Book 1- by Christian Serpas
RT @sachinn: Lovers have known sometimes what saints have not known. #OSHO #IQRTG
Since time immemorial, Hinduism has been looked after by our Great Saints. #ConspiracyOnHindutva to destroy hinduism
@jermey1337 @simonil97 @Tarco_Bell_Ski I'm aware. If you think they lose games against Saints/NUFC with the league on the line, you're crazy
RT @MSGSoulPower: Saints are the Almighty’s gifts, who are always first to help the deprived ones & define the true spirit of humanity. #HKNKJreadyToFire
RT @DinoJag: Calling All The Saints (S.O.S. HAITI) - Dino Jag [Music Video] #HaitiEarthquake #DinoJag #CallingAllTheSaints
RT @RugbyInsideLine: TRANSFER RUMOUR: However multiple sources are saying that Northampton Saints are in serious discussions with George…
Saints & Sinners: Saili and Steyn, Dell and Davies are among those on our lists after this weekend. Who is where?…
The saints are coming
You have to play this game like somebody just hit your mother with a two-by-four. Dan Birdwell #quote #RT
Junior Saints @tnsfc football sessions for ages 7-11 every Monday during term times!
@DirkHive no one brings it up, its usually saints fans that bring it up to get the extra attention they need since they've been irrelevant
RT @ollywhite: Fun in a foggy forest! Great session with the Yr 7's from All Saints. #forestschools #rossendale