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RT @hoeviews: Sagittarius November 23 - December 21 Element: Fire Keywords: optimistic, joyful, intellectual, understanding, honest, positive
RT @hoeviews: Sagittarius flirting: They can be a playful flirt, but if you make it too hard they just might walk away.
RT @hoeviews: Sagittarius are good at: - trying to remain positive even in bad situations - getting their point across - mixing sarcasm and a little humor
RT @Grettahw: #Sagittarius may come off as arrogant at times due to their impatience for those who do not have the same knowledge they have.
RT @SagittariusTerm: #Sagittarius are very understanding people. They already know how you're feeling.
RT @poetastrologers: tfw you ask your Sagittarius friend to text you their location but they go off & send you the big picture
RT @neyshorty: the "acts tough but tbh just needs a hug" squad 😭 sagittarius, aries, leo, aquarius, scorpio, capricorn
@MysticxLipstick rising is in Taurus sun is in Sagittarius and moon is in Capricorn
[IVI.🌎.IVI.] [S.H.A.G.G.Y] MilkyWay/Constellation SagittariuS [#EricPearl-is-] [#PaTrickStarFromLittleRock] […
RT @neyshorty: (Aries, Sagittarius, Leo) naturals at lying, good at convincing others, sometimes get too deep into they lie they confess without noticing
RT @neyshorty: SAGITTARIUS they prefer to deal with emotions alone and will usually keep smiling to cover up even if they're hurting deep down.
RT @yusufyuie: When she a sagittarius and can't wait to be low key crazy w/ you, but hide it with her super cool, chill demeanor
RT @poetastrologers: Week of 2/5 in Sagittarius: In order to become yourself again follow the only real wild voice: yours. Text a Virgo. Ignore a Pisces.
@MysticxLipstick I'm a Virgo sun, Sagittarius moon, and Leo rising and I need your views on this combination.
RT @SagittariusTerm: #Sagittarius have so, so many walls and so so many guards up.
"You're cancer!" No, Ibuki's actually a Sagittarius!
RT @neyshorty: SAGITTARIUS DISLIKES - feeling like they can't be free - being judged - having forced responsibilities - like their opinion doesn't matter
RT @neyshorty: SAGITTARIUS LIKES - no authority - giving advice - always traveling - embracing what they love
RT @SagittariusTerm: #Sagittarius' stress builds up over a long period of time, and they usually don't let it all out at once.
RT @neyshorty: SAGITTARIUS - open minded - don't pressure them - hate the feeling of being tied down
RT @TeamSagittarius: #Sagittarius will always be there to protect you. They will stand by you when millions are against you.
RT @SagittariusTerm: #Sagittarius have so, so many walls and so so many guards up.
Saturn in Sagittarius: Transforming Fear, Awakening Dharma - swati jr* jyotish