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AI is not like Cloud/Mobile/SAAS - it's a hard problem to solve
RT @neelabensoni: Thanks for join us Kyonki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi...fame Apara Mehta #Neelaben4Ward6
Very much enjoyed the NHK channel interview, airs today about @SoAmpli #socialselling #tech #saas 🙌🚀
RT @SeanMMasters: Good list of components behind modern SaaS platforms. And SaaS Manager has it pre-built ready to go!…
Les entreprises utilisent 464 applications sur-mesure ➡️ les DSI n’en connaissent que 38,4 % c/ @ValeryMarchive
RT @wanquribao: 【Okta 的创业故事】在湾区工作的人,只要不是在大公司工作,应该都知道 Okta:用一个账号登录数十种SaaS账号,真的是解决了问题,不然每天上班得手动输入一堆用户名密码。Okta现在有800多个员工,估值$12亿
La startup Sensing Labs a réalisé une levée de fonds de 400000 euros #startup #frenchtech
Stage - Chef de projet déploiement Grands Comptes H/F - Stage - M #emploi #stage #startup