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"I need me a Ryder"
RT @SenFeinstein: FACT: This provision of #GrahamCassidy says states can allow insurers to stop covering essential health care like m… https://t.co/vdsyiUB3Be
RT @CINEMAGEMS: Winona Ryder (1992) https://t.co/JdwBti45Ib
RT @Lawmune: Never mind live-action Robotech & Akira. In the 90s, Tim Burton was planning to direct a Mai the Psychic Girl music… https://t.co/69gz6hNkdH
@RyderNolan25 Well then let's go help her then, Ryder. ✌😂
Google just gave me a notification that Winona Ryder just dropped a hip-hop album https://t.co/8F5MDvATXx
RT @CINEMAGEMS: Winona Ryder (1992) https://t.co/JdwBti45Ib
RT @KeyshiaCole: Shit, u need to work for me. U on it https://t.co/khK0nSZ4Sw
@KeyshiaCole Heres my resume 🤣😂😂 .... https://t.co/vQhjtzo72b
Federer pone en marcha la “Ryder Cup” del tenis https://t.co/93qA5xoWM5 #_DEPORTES https://t.co/nO5qtavgGI - el_carabobeno
RT @CINEMAGEMS: Winona Ryder (1992) https://t.co/JdwBti45Ib
RT @Eternal_Muzik: Reposting: Hurricane hotline for Puerto Rico- if you have family and want to make sure they are okay. Call (877) 976-2400. Please RT #maria
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RT @rtfaveesongs: winona laura horowitz "winona ryder" (1971) https://t.co/vbaOeoN6Qq
#bbcqt seems very grown up this evening. There's a tweet I never thought i'd write.
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somebody tell that boy ima ryder😈 https://t.co/ijqxdWjeF8
Love is when you sell like Shawn Michaels and lose like Zach Ryder for your 3 year old XD
My little cousin singing "pray you catch me" by beyonce....trying to get her to come out her shell #Beyonce https://t.co/0Nr4Gt8XYZ
RT @toziersgrazer: Winona Ryder, everybody. https://t.co/5kCQJVhzp4
@ChapterChatNZ O.K From Ryder