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RT @TheBigSpur247: What’s better than one team in the Final Four? BOTH teams in the Final Four! Congrats @GamecockWBB!… https://t.co/M8NBtQMfzC
@zabka_zee My Ryder's Dad is basically Samuel L Jackson and that's pretty rad. So I'm curious what the others are like
Expert observer Terry Ryder says the City of Geelong is one of the strongest markets across Australia… https://t.co/IGpFc8fapm
this is me when I'm already tired but have done nothing😂 https://t.co/UsrsZ09oby
@salacious_pop What new tech? The AI? And one of the logs makes it seem like the Hyperion may have at least caught… https://t.co/8OSrVygiTW
yeah um is it Saturday yet??
@shad_ryder i know its not that serious but they're asking me to swallow such a gigantic pill with no water, its effecting immersion for me
Idea for a farce: Ryder lands on Eos. Only to be greeted by a man with tall hair and a penchant for cooking. #MassEffectAndromeda
@shad_ryder but to say specifically 2185 w/ all this new tech and no remote broadcasts of reaper invasion after the fact is such a shoehorn
Whenever I go back go Kadara, I'd like to think my Ryder and Reyes spend several nights with each other
@shad_ryder I know at least 1 char has an audio cameo.. I'm fine with it taking place long after shep is dead regardless of R/G/B ending
@promeritum Huh. Right. Is there a third? Maybe there is something here.
Looks like Ryder has been smoking some andromedan grass 😂 @masseffect @bioware https://t.co/6nZKVBulKR
RT @Phenomenalt_: Always have the time of my life with my nigga. True Ryder 🤞🏽 w: @CarltonJmil https://t.co/RUvMTI09FQ
#BREAKING Two officers shot are talking and in stable condition at Ryder Trauma Center.
@shad_ryder I believe its shortly before Sheps Lazarus reawakening or pre-ME2Arrival. There was still deniability Reapers were "real" threat
@uhAndrew Yes I think Chomsky had a doc on it called 'Mammary Lactating Consent' HEYO NOAM CHOMSKY JOKE
RT @masseffect: Mass Effect: Andromeda is now available worldwide. Celebrate with a new Sara Ryder Launch Trailer! https://t.co/liVz1e3PWz
Started walking Ryder every day and I'm down 5 pounds 🤘🏼
RT @Phenomenalt_: Always have the time of my life with my nigga. True Ryder 🤞🏽 w: @CarltonJmil https://t.co/RUvMTI09FQ