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RT @jmsexton_: In an Open Letter, 2,943 Fellow #Duke Alumni Ask Trump Aide Stephen Miller How He Became Such a Horrible Person… https://t.co/QH0E5BTcEH
RT @HITEXECUTIVE: Trump: I SAY NO REFUGEES WELCOME! Stephen Miller: The President's power will not be questioned. Statue of Liberty:… https://t.co/S4sjfwl5lo
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RT @SamGrittner: STEPHEN MILLER: If you question us you're guilty of sedition. You disgust me WAITER: I'll give you a few more minutes to look over the menu
RT @RealKentMurphy: Andrew Miller is lookin filthy already https://t.co/NFNjWk6kdz
@reigan_miller happy birthday bbbs👸🏽💕
RT @SteveRattner: A good start would be getting Bannon, Miller and other white nationalists out of the WH https://t.co/DDW3YLrwly
RT @7im: What is this hand gesture Stephen Miller is throwing? https://t.co/L8bZ1RtKQk
RT @aravosis: Trump federal hiring freeze kills child care programs at at least 2 Army bases. Was this another Bannon/Miller scre… https://t.co/bcTb4x9olU
@keith_miller_nz @KloppGoff @beINSPORTS_NZ Sky have been taking the piss for years but this is a new low
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No, no, Kellyanne is the perfect mouth piece for Trump. You rather see Stephen Miller? https://t.co/FIeCW9vTyx
Omg ?? Best line up ¿¿ chase n status ? Andy c ? Annie mac ? Max miller ? 😁😁😁 https://t.co/WhUcbNsyK6
RT @JoyAnnReid: The guy on @hardball refusing to name members of the Alt Right probably doesn't want to name Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, Michael Anton...
@megbrady_ thankyou bbby will do 😻❤️
RT @SteelersNewsNow: #PittsburghSteelers #GoSteelers Can the Steelers draft the next Heath Miller in 2.. #BlackAndYellow #SteelersFan https://t.co/sTnx7u0C5K