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"Make no excuses, regardless of the circumstances." Miller had a number of challenges at Dayton, adjusted and overcame them.
surprised? RT @karri_hart: @Dani_M_Miller You've never seen Singin' in the Rain?! 😡
@Sportsfreakconz @keith_miller_nz @gregsmithsays Ah. Wondered why Manthorp was getting all the attention.
Damn I've been wearing the same black volcom belt since like 8th grade tbh
Happy birthday to my boy @riggs_miller !!😉🎉🎉
RT @IndieWire: Is every Quentin Tarantino movie connected? This video essay explores his shared cinematic universe:… https://t.co/Q8aG1MEDgC
RT @Khanoisseur: Stephen Miller, who co-crafted Trump's Muslim ban, is an old dear friend of white nationalist leader Richard Spence… https://t.co/LYuzrNc3RN
Santa Claws - Glenn Miller | Holiday |924105431 #Holiday https://t.co/icBLCHgWg4 #Holiday
RT @aturanene: Oi vamos marcar um dia pra dormir na mesma cama
RT @IndianaMBB: Introducing the 29th head coach of the Indiana Basketball program... @Archie_Miller ⚪🔴 https://t.co/awbti09jc6
RT @neuroticpatrik: Relacionamento não é fácil. Não é só alegria, não é só dormir agarrado. Não é só ter. É cuidar, se dedicar, entender..
essas pessoas acabaram de visualizar seu perfil https://t.co/2JpmoRPikM
RT @hoopseen: Newton (GA) guard Isaiah Miller just took home the dunk contest with this throwdown. https://t.co/mebYDtB44b
#imonmyway RT @AlaskaAir: Want @Mariners Opening Day tickets? We'll be tweeting photo clues w/ (cont) https://t.co/c4KSkyO8lD
If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it.” Olin Miller
RT @TheSantinoBoy: Harto correista de closet se ha destapado en mi TL. No me sorprenden, eran los que, cuando salían temas de corrupción te hablaban del clima.
Amarna Miller utilisant le jouet clair pour se baiser insensee https://t.co/0gOAlvNiDv
RT @DrPaulRSem: NY Yankees Birthday- March 27 Miller Huggins (1879) Huggins was the first great Yankees manager. He managed the… https://t.co/kWTexrL6bK