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RT @marklevinshow: Defeating Hillary Clinton, for family and country https://t.co/3USXDdptcQ
@RegistertoVote @mcuban Voting is a right, not a civic duty. You should be imploring people to get informed, not to simply vote.
@gehrig38 Have you noticed they haven't had a job outside of Public office yet they've somehow accrued $200mil+?
Nice to see a moderator host a debate on substantive issues for once. @andersoncooper @LesterHoltNBC @MarthaRaddatz
@billmaher Me neither but she just named every job shes had. They've all been noble but public office jobs. Yet somehow she's worth $200mil.
RT @RamonEnElClutch: @RamonFebus nunca olvidaré a Ryan Hanigan cuando Posey dio el Grand Slam en el Game 5 de la NLDS en el 2012. https://t.co/AknGZcgAuf
Ryan Hanigan lines one to CF to score Bogey and it's 6-1 #redsox!
Ryan Hanigan vs Nyjer Morgan Juega duro Morgan, lástima que ya no hay colisiones en el plato #pericos https://t.co/x4BNudsq1b
@15Lasershow doubled to RF, scoring Ryan Hanigan and @BrockStar4Lyf, and it's 4-0 Sox!
Ryan Hanigan scores X on the grounder to 3B, and the Sox trail 10-2.
@BenHigginsSD last year they traded for Ryan Hanigan, then flipped him less than a day later...so we shall see.
@porridgebird tell Ryan Hanigan's slumpy shoulders I said hi!
@terry_casey I wanna say the guy in the middle is Ryan Hanigan but I'm not sure about the other two.
#redsox Recap: @mookiebetts: 1-3, solo HR (2), 2 RBI @CrushD19: 2-5, HR (5), 2 RBI Ryan Hanigan: 2-4, 3 RBI
Ryan Hanigan clears the bases with a double to the gap, and the #redsox lead 6-2!
@RedSox a Ryan Hanigan gift would be the best gift. #thegiftofsox
@RedSox #thegiftofsox would love anything Ryan Hanigan related. #hometownboy 🎁
Ryan Hanigan singles home @travis_shaw21 to extend the lead to 4-1! #redsox
@RedSox a Ryan Hanigan baseball bat #thegiftofthesox