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RT @MTVBananas: They? That's like saying Catholics shouldn't have a church because of the actions of one priest. You're an idiot... https://t.co/sE7158bOLc
RT @ThaboKgowana: Can we chat about this after church? https://t.co/5XAzIxQaBc
Go to church πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ https://t.co/RdZbtbpEE5
RT @Onelongjourneyy: #Flint still needs water. Please donate, or volunteer, to/with Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church 502 Leith St Flint,… https://t.co/BGWxaVTR4z
dont be the #christian in #church who judges everyone when the very #GOD you should be following probably already forgave them. #peace #Love
RT @ArtEyeWall: 'The Church Of Saint Nicolas Of The Fields, Saint Martin Street' 1908 By Maxime Maufra #art #painting #church… https://t.co/nABJ0STaM1
I liked a @YouTube video from @renjx6969 https://t.co/vTvUnLl1jK Hozier Take Me To Church live performance At Billboard Music Awards
This is what you get for attending a xhosa church, amaxhosa ayagoduka sisi πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ last year wasn't bad though https://t.co/p63uGT4vtl
RT @RoseyNunu: Out here struggling to wake up, but I have to go to church,see God, I do love you..
You wan laugh me now. Good bye. Off to church. https://t.co/UQj4H393Kx
I wanted to go to church tomorrow /:
Let the church say amen is one of the few songs that will stick with me forever
Off to church to fellowship and communion with the Holy spirit alongside brethren @miccnigeria #BlessedSunday
Church πŸ™ŒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
@realDonaldTrump Don it looks like our Jehovah will give us seven good years from Jan 20 then it may be Rupture of His Church
RT @RELEVANT: Cynicism is the most damaging attitude in our churches. :https://t.co/izdKtsvNSs https://t.co/stl3qSL5db
Karish wants to say that "he looks like those kids on church but he's really the type of guy that'll be the reason why Pope wants to resign"
Jimmy Swaggart recently republished an article he wrote in 1994. - He removed this quote - #Hillsong #Praise #Jesus… https://t.co/ANMqApTUSC
@KenyaPower_Care yes they are experiencing fluctuations. Phase one buru buru near holy trinity church. Mukumuti court.
RT @ThaboKgowana: Can we chat about this after church? https://t.co/5XAzIxQaBc
Eating blue chips with salmon dip only to realize it has dairy in it. I'm going to a new church later this morning too. 😭