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RT @KeystoneSchools: from 2-2:30pm @ KMS. Following this, the burial is at Wellington Cemetery. Penfield Church will provide refreshments for family & friends.
@sharonstone @Pontifex his reaction was memorable!And when one considers the sterness of the Middle Ages Church,priests not allowed to laugh
Cleburne Bible Church is sponsoring Israeli mayor David Rubin. You are invited 3/30 7:00 pm, 930 N. Nolan River Road, Cleburne
RT @NewHopeMBC: Building our Praise And Worship! @ New Hope Missionary Baptist Church https://t.co/xexPoaKc9l
RT @justcatchmedemi: [UHQs] (+11) March 21, 2017 - Demi Lovato visiting First Moravian Church in New York: https://t.co/UB8NWNfsoi https://t.co/j1DNbkuuj0
@iwriterealgood definitely not worthless. Bloody disgraceful of your church!! 😡😡😡 @stilgherrian
The Church of Truth - Paying the Price Now playing on https://t.co/GFhcyOY35a
Grace Bible Church: Fair Oaks, CA > True Confessions https://t.co/o8g850Q7yQ
RT @Ucetavai: Going to church doesn't make you "good" #staywoke
RT @BeyondScaredVid: Sometimes church people be doing way too much 😭😭😂💀... https://t.co/owTjCO4HYR
RT @apinkbyebye: school shooter says yeehaw and fucks third cousin on church sundays https://t.co/7BkrKG84NO
Hey so you should come to Colonial Hills Church tonight. We're gonna worship and pray and it's gonna be awesome.
Thats what u get for going to church
RT @UT_Grad_Amy: @ChristnNitemares 1 Trump's top spiritual adviser @revjamesrobison was big MM leader. His church @gatewaypeople 4th https://t.co/dfB660OKfd
RT @RickWarren: Learn how to be a world changer at Purpose Driven Church 2017. #pdchurch https://t.co/IZ5L2favxi https://t.co/fb8ZkuOXiT
Bishop Karnley preaching at Divine Mercy Catholic Church in Philadelphia, USA in August 2016 https://t.co/7oXhxSXAUP
3/22/17 18:53 A live [video] webcast is currently in progress at Thirteenth Street Baptist Church https://t.co/pfrBMLUpEa
RT @seedevonwrite: @TEN_GOP Where were the white men out protesting Dylan Roof's attack on the black church in Charleston?
Day by Day the early church met together Day by Day the Lord added those who were being saved #OldSchoolChurch
RT @AlyssaNelsonR: Muslims Invade Texas Church, Force Christians to Witness Something HORRIFYING https://t.co/N6KTW8sxki https://t.co/WhuIB2ahXA
RT @MountainButorac: Tonight's Assisi Mass. In a church around well before St. Francis was born. https://t.co/7op4HpDyki
If this is god telling me to go to church now I'm definitely not. Like why would you fuck me like that dawg?
the sensational duo of Beamer Wigley and Abby Stewart perform "My Church" by Maren Morris https://t.co/lU7bD7lCCn @BeamerWigley
Lead Crisis Becomes Eviction Crisis - United Church of Christ https://t.co/2y1uyA3GL7 . #EastChgo #Region #CalumetLivesMatter
The mothers in the church said holiness is still right - Taelor Gray