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It felt good to sit in church today and hear a good friend of mine bring the word. #sunday #churchflow https://t.co/VXjXtC9mxp
Catholicism and "Nones": The Data on Youth and Young Adults | Catholic World Report - Global Church news and views: https://t.co/o3QSviIdN2
Church is the best place to be on Sundays . There's no better place .
RT @MeishaCBS3: Coffee? Check! Back & Bi workout? Check! Church and brunch? Coming up next! Enjoy your #DayOfRest , Friends. Do what matters to you~ ❤🙏🏻
just in case y'all missed church this morning https://t.co/eY1sNUSDS5
I promise at church the offering is the fashion show 😂
RT @bluefanta_k: Church or no church I still love God n believe in him 💜✨
RT @Scientology: Clergy, religion scholars & legal experts discuss Church of Scientology doctrines on the new https://t.co/ga27WtfDPM https://t.co/MijnKhno5s
Elevation Church - University City https://t.co/dYeEWhXAgB
#theakerclasschat chptr5: this chapter appeals to logos in facts that the wealthy support and allow the church to do its work.
RT @Kofimagne: Furthermore if Christianity is oppressive to women at its core, then why are us we as men told to love our wives as Christ loves The Church?
Anthony Evans performed at our church Prestonwood Baptist church Plano Texas this morning. #Awesome
#church When the scientific explanation of purification is over the people's heads, but the drug example gets the people wiled up...lol
Awesome service we had today! Thank God for our guest Until Christ Returns Church is growing under the direction of the Holy Spirit
RT @ScientologyVid: Clergy, religion scholars & legal experts discuss Church of Scientology doctrines on the new https://t.co/ObqlfV1Q9G https://t.co/CEweV4FUZG
Made it to church 🙌🏾
#fumcworshiptopeka What happens in worship should leave church. We should be different because of our experience in whatever form.
and I say not sure why bc if you know me, you know how much I've despised going to church.
Feels great to be back at church 🙏
John Gray :: The Cost of Cleanup :: Lakewood Church https://t.co/Q4XjBSdF6N via @YouTube
Church was good now my bbfl finna take me to lunch 😊💓👯
RT @JadeMoffett: My dad, the pastor, at church: "Spirit recognize spirit...game recognize game."