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@SofianenaifoS @Ewaesa apres y'a des gens qui vont douté, ca va rentrer dans un debat inutile, alors qu'on connais tous la verité
RT @UPI: Islamic State leader killed in North Caucasus region, Russian security says
RT @PrisonPlanet: Tinfoil hat Hillary's "Russian hacker" conspiracy theory has FAILED once again. Recount FAILED. Jill Stein FAILED. So much FAIL.
Russian Scientists Just Exposed The Most Powerful Discovery In The History Of Mankind [Video] vía @simplecapacity
RT @RT_russian: В Дортмунде открылась школа знакомств для беженцев из Ирака и Сирии
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RT @Rabaamorsi32: This is the true image of what the Russian and the Assad regime are doing to #Aleppo #standwithaleppo #savealeppo
RT @AhmadAlkhtiib: Media activist AbdulAziz Qitaz, aiding baby after she was under the Rubble of house destroyed by #Russian air strik…
BBC Русская служба - Город во Франции обязали убрать из парка статую Девы Марии
RT @xtinaNOW: Xtina will be taking the stage at the 1st Russian National Music Awards in Moscow on December 7th!
More than 52% of East Aleppo now under control of Syrian army – Russian MoD
RT @rihspectme: This Brazilian, German, Italian, Spanish, Indian, Chinese, English, Scottish, Jamaican, Russian girl always has the…
RT @RevolutionSyria: At least 25 men, women & children murdered and many injured by Russian-Assad airstrikes on a market in Maarret al-N…
RT @xtinaNOW: Xtina's squad is rehearsing Genie 2.0 for the Russian Music Awards!
Против Хофера велась активная кампания по очернению — наблюдатель на выборах в Австрии
RT @AloeYoroi: This Deadass inside some Russian nigga computer running CS:GO at 200fps and that nigga hard drive hitting a Slav sq…
RT @bbcrussian: Количество жертв пожара на вечеринке в Калифорнии выросло до 30
RT @AhmadAlkhtiib: Media activist AbdulAziz Qitaz, aiding baby after she was under the Rubble of house destroyed by #Russian air strik…
RT @realDrOlmo: Russian AZU carrying Fidel Castro's ashes broke down & had to be pushed. What a fitting ending for Communist tyrant.
RT @deaddilf69: No they lost bc of Russian hackers, white supremacists, and misinformed Facebook users. Stop this!
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RT @RevolutionSyria: Sunday shopping in #Syria where #Russian_Assad “humanitarian” goods of death & destruction are delivered from the s…
Darn gotta Settle for Black Russian wanted White but have no cream I didn't plan on feeling relax enough to drink but in the mood
RT @CrazyinRussia: Russian haven't got time for your climate change bullshit.