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@RT_russian Ну наконец-то! Как мы ждали,надеялись! Спасибомана!
RT @MichaelRCaputo: BREAKING: Meet the Russian hackers who beat DNC, Podesta security!
Russian Consumer Prices Rise 0.1% from Jan. 10 to Jan. 16
@jd_Constitution Since ur a traitor &voted 4 some1 who asked 4 Russian interference in our election, don't call yourself a patriot bc ur not
RT @LifeSite: Russian Orthodox leader: Gay ‘marriage,’ transgenderism pose ‘a significant threat for the existence of the humanity
Watch lesbian movie: Busty Russian babe giving a good deepthroat and fucking
The Moscow School of Hard Knocks: Key Pillars of Russian Strategy via @WarOnTheRocks
RT @joecam79: Born #OTD César Cui (1835-1918) one of the "Mighty Handful" of Russian composers. "Everywhere Snow"
@BDR121068 @BoycottTrumpFor @SenSchumer historic loss in popular vote,Comey interference,Russian propaganda/help. He's pres but not legit...
@AndreasOpinions @KeithOlbermann & in a late RALLY in PA READ ALOUD to APPLAUSE same piece READ ALOUD on RT by RUSSIAN few hours earlier!
RT @MaddowBlog: Hidden hotel camera? Russian prostitutes? Preposterous!! Absurd!
RT @bm27_uragan: Russian military police in Aleppo
RT @RT_russian: Минздрав предлагает ограничить рекламу колбасы и шоколада по телевидению
RT @dcexaminer: Obama's treatment of Manning, Russian leaks raises questions
RT @AndreasOpinions: @KeithOlbermann Trump&his people were working hand in hand with Russian Govt! Russia spread fake news early&Trump followed their narrative!
RT @funder: This should break the internet:Trump has a #Russian based phone # on his hotel websites #TrumpLeaks #russia #putin…
RT @AP: BREAKING: Russian President Vladimir Putin accuses outgoing US administration of trying to undermine Trump's legitimacy.
RT @XyzxyzXyzzyxyz: BBC Русская служба - Более 50 конгрессменов объявили бойкот инаугурации Трампа
RT @bunnyjumpfast: @aravosis @jaketapper Really wish ppl & the media would stop saying Russian 'hacking' & call it what it is: an Infl…
RT @realDonaldTrump: much worse - just look at Syria (red line), Crimea, Ukraine and the build-up of Russian nukes. Not good! Was this the leaker of Fake News?
#Russian #Reset by @realDonaldTrump already priced into $RSX & $RSXJ - but big policy shift toward #Israel aren't y…
@DPRKJones the text on screen says it is Russian.They dont know who is bombing them!
RT @zerohedge: US F-16 Photographed In Mock Dogfight With Russian Su-27 Above Area 51