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can't sleep so I'm watching rugrats !!
Rugrats is on Hulu
Rugrats Theory.... (ノдヽ)
Watching Rugrats now I've realized that these Lil mfs get into everything.
RT @UrbanEngIish: RT if you owned a orange Rugrats movie VHS tape growing up
Some of these little rugrats on the loose in this new generation are just unbelievable!!
It's almost 4 and baby jay and I are watching rugrats ❤️❤️
Rugrats is on and i couldnt be more excited
RT @FreddyAmazin: who else owned an orange Rugrats movie VHS tape growing up
I use to love The Rugrats but looking at its old episodes its animation WAS makes it seem really creepy.. REALLY creepy lol
RT @williamwdepew: PHONE: reminder - writing assignment due in three hours ME: *reading the entirety of the Rugrats Imdb page* oh right
Why am i up watching the rugrats 😶
For whatever reason I can't watch rugrats the show irritates me. I think it's because I'm a parent now
RT @DaiIyKanye: Kanye dancing to the Rugrats theme song
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@netflix HOW THE FUCK DONT YOU HAVE RUGRATS, HELLO KITTY , OR fucking mary kate &ashley movies on. delete your business
RT @Reddit_txt: Cut a long story short I ended up trying to jack off to Rugrats because that's all that was on TV at the time.
@itsclg oh no no no. all good times no rugrats. you had fun right?
RT @graffitibridges: the rugrats theme song is a classic, no words needed and the beat goes hard