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RT @jedrlee: A warning for Rudolph: I'm coming for ya
Maya Rudolph was in my cabin at tours today so that was fun
RT @debon7: My tampon is redder than Rudolph's nose.
RT @Jpashton_: Crazy how many people come & go throughout your life in a year
#MoonGeeseFacts Santa's sleigh is guided by Rudolph. Rudolph himself is guided by the Christmas Moon Goose.
NOOOOOOO REGGIE MILLER on play-by-play? #gross , that's like hiring Ken Rudolph to anything
it doesn't really get more entertaining than grandparents on facebook
@draftaddict @WhiskeyD0G Ok will do we are at 5.02 both rookie RBs gone, Ertz, Rudolph gone, NO QBs yet...
よっしゃあああああ自然に帰したぞクソバッタがあああああ!!! 2度と来んじゃねえぞ!強く生きろバカヤロー!!!
3D Rudolph's Present Christmas Door Countdown Animated Card
"It looks like Maya Rudolph as Britney Spears"--Douglas A Horn
RT @ClassOfTSU19: Class meeting this Friday in Rudolph Lounge! #tsu19
The decades/eras are tangible characters. Like Bowie personalities or years in Rudolph 's Shiny New Year
@FFTroglodyte I disagree. Gronk and Graham surely are better. Kelce too. Rudolph def not even close.Henry played one season.Olsen is better
Let me guess! Was that Raymond, uh, Ricky, Randall... no? Robert? Hmm... (CD:Club Christmas Disney[Rudolph,The Red Nosed Reindeer])
> 出資前からお客さんを連れてきてくれて「売れました。いいサービス。」 - Paymentgeek: 起業家と投資家の関係
This man put the smash down. No fancy talk. Straight and to the point.
RT @BoyThatRant: just watch this dudes snapchat story i'm weak
Year later, Rudolph discovered he could shoot lasers out his nose. And that's why we lock up mctant reindeer today
RT @staygolddiana: I saw Maya Rudolph today and I knew it was her bc I recognized her walk :-)