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RT @aneisahkhan: guys my mom has been missing for 13 weeks this friday. PLEASE PLEASE RT this to spread the word. i want her to come… https://t.co/F7QkyBXTlg
RT @Blckpnk_Heart: So it’s a “solo project” not “solo debut” and he said that they are simultaneously working on NEW BLACKPINK songs… https://t.co/NjYQCaqLAF
Please let it be as powerful as Pillowtalk or LIW...i want a radio friendly song that showcases his vocals #Fingers
RT @vganoona: If anyone got the list must watch videos for beginner armys please share.
Dear Friends, Sharing link to my latest Hindi Video about, "Cognitive Needs" Please Subscribe on YouTube Thank… https://t.co/KXU2EgDxuV
RT @gelnails2012: @TheRealJohnHCox I was born and raised in CA, but left for NV 40+ years ago. I’m cheering for you with my heart & s… https://t.co/g2ilvTCfXH
RT @balloon_wanted: Trigger Warning: Assault and Abuse Article reveals that members of the band, TheEastLight. have been experiencing… https://t.co/c8PpFBPnOs
RT @charliekirk11: The radical left is trying to remove the great Clarence Thomas name from a university building in the south Accord… https://t.co/Ikt1F87ezR
RT @DrChristineMann: Dear Democrats, Lucy is never, ever, ever, EVER going to let you kick the football. Ever. Please, for the love of… https://t.co/xcOioTpbv2
RT @Yours_Only: But wait!!! 😂😂😂😂 Y’all please watch this video! Boosie don’t give no FUCKS! https://t.co/oWyFr0QEXS
@Rhymestyle Give us rosé transformation please
RT @TheBlackHermit: "per my last email" = "In case you suddenly can't read" "To reiterate" = "this is the last time I'm saying this" "m… https://t.co/FiDkBmCOKk
RT @BadSalishGirl: I highly encourage all those wanting to learn beading, weaving, or any art form to please follow that path. I know… https://t.co/I3tVd3JoaQ
@AlexRivers20 Please enter my name for the giveaway.
@rayofcannon_ "Assassinating" Dom please. The internet has dictionaries. Also, do we need to call the cops?
What a MOURNING 😫💔 She choose U i guess😭so we will b happy 4 the both of U🙂I only have 1 request please don’t ever… https://t.co/2Zytb4JeAj
@Balaji22k Hi Balaji! Let me quickly help you out. Please DM your alternate contact number and the complete address… https://t.co/kqC2MJoxXr
RT @hfricken: Some comrades are trying to learn the identity of this man, who was filmed kicking a comrade on friday night in Man… https://t.co/5yIJ7kkAWM
RT @MedievaI_React: “Can you please just act normal for once and try not to draw attention to yourself?” Me: https://t.co/0rvy14hoH6
RT @EveryNigerian: So .@GovUmarGanduje is a thief! A shameless thief who steals form the poor masses. Can someone please cut off his h… https://t.co/2fw4wR0uvr
RT @FatherLeoFeeds: I just lost 1k followers after tweet about planned parenthood’s founder, a racist eugenicist. 100% historical truth… https://t.co/UbvIbJQs0s
RT @KING5Seattle: MISSING CHILD: 10-year-old Logan missing from Puyallup, Washington. Logan has autism and walked away from his apart… https://t.co/sYdRevquTY
RT @azalia_anani: please help us get this story out. we're afraid. we want justice. we don't want this to die without having been pro… https://t.co/WLMuENb963
RT @ChrisEvans: PLEASE THIS. It’s not a partisan issue. Everyone should vote. https://t.co/dmU8WEIetI