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#⃞도꼼이 ┊ 💫 May 24th, 2019. See you tomorrow at MBC Music Core, my lovely Ki-Lings! Please get a proper rest for to… https://t.co/eC1bBW0OJT
RT @ewzc_: After a fight, please say sorry. Stop feeding your ego. It doesn't matter who is wrong or who is right. Just say so… https://t.co/BDry9F5j4u
RT @qodudal: Please Rt,Copy & Pass it on.🙏 Taehyung is loveable Taehyung is loved Taehyung is lively Taehyung is loyal Taehyung… https://t.co/0xgSCCLQj6
RT @gracceduncan: https://t.co/18fUoBGVRu Please click the link to subscribe to my youtube channel 🙏
RT @_jephrey: If you’re not gonna hype me up like this when I buy my first Tesla I don’t want you in my life please😂😂😂 https://t.co/lvMeDLfau7
RT @PPomah: Good evening twitter. Please help me hit 2k retweets so i can own this Baby ban.. I beg you guys 💋💋💋 https://t.co/jrL3oFQPr4
RT @_hypeman___: The way fine girls are behaving nice to me this days errrrrrr, I feel like having one, but this virginity till marr… https://t.co/s59NOFdiY4
RT @TruthytheTruthz: @BleacherReport @DomDeportes I just need any way of contacting his people. I will make it happen myself this is a r… https://t.co/Pq1uKpSH9B
@harsh_mander I have just started a business for selling candles & making placards. Please buy from me. I also can… https://t.co/GTGbfym3nP
RT @itsTomiwa: Just a quick reminder that you can’t please everybody. Just do you & keep it moving.
RT @_Prismatics: Pristin thank u for existing for the past two years. seriously I still cant believe that our waiting will be end up… https://t.co/lzoR9W8M9c
RT @WesternHSCTrust: We are recruiting for the posts below. For further details and to apply please visit: https://t.co/Tzktoa940O We ar… https://t.co/w5SHd1AkCn
RT @cloudsweet04: [PO] Album Persona ❗Deadline 31 mei❗ ✨Details : fullset no poster ➖All incl ems tax Eta 1-4 minggu dikirim dr ko… https://t.co/LtTOYU5b4g
RT @hanniejjong: why are people suddenly blaming seventeen for the disbandment of pristin? this is not seventeen’s fault, it’s pledi… https://t.co/NMR1ABczmu
RT @ku_joone: TWITTER PLEASE DO YOUR MAGIC😭🙏 HELP RT! Kalian pasti tau kan, kalo aku punya kucing yang lumpuh. Jadi senin kmrn… https://t.co/oSQQwchy2K
RT @SecureTeam10: Guys, it appears that Youtube has just demonetized my entire channel. This may be the end.. Please tweet to… https://t.co/iONZLe3PPg
@taylorswift13 i’ll be coming to the voice please do your thing and find me there 🥺🥺🥺🥺
RT @KeithOlbermann: HUG-HAPPY, PATIENT, AFFECTIONATE HELIOS MAY DIE SATURDAY. Look at his video: it is not fanciful to call him “center… https://t.co/wing19als4
RT @nationalrailenq: #Preston - If you are travelling with Northern, road transport is being arranged to help you with your journey. Ple… https://t.co/aviWFAILEY
RT @egsoo_el: Hello guys. This is my baby sister Bens Runica C. Panugan. She has been diagnosed scoliosis. As you can see on the… https://t.co/Fez8tlUSHv
RT @davidespanaa: Sacramento Area ‼️‼️ After 14 years of hard work and hustle my mother will be opening her own pupuseria ! Our grand… https://t.co/qqNx5gzz4V
Keynote speakers of the MaCSBio Science Day 2019 will be: - Dr. Matthias Heinig - Prof. Boudewijn Lelieveldt For… https://t.co/q26YTDItpI
RT @konbackvoters: ⚠⚠ Dabeme's second phase will end today!! Please keep on voting, the other fanbase is catching up!! Let's widen th… https://t.co/v7UtIwP5HK