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RT @ThePivotsXXD: In April my YouTube channel turns 10. I’ll be making a video of me going back and watching some unseen cartoons fro… https://t.co/LCdGl1uYyb
RT @votevets: Please listen to this man, who also served the US in Vietnam, who was harassed by #MAGA cap wearing kids, yesterday… https://t.co/cFhUX7V3Zm
@FA please suspend Alonso for that “slap”! Suspension
RT @Unilagdopee: Hey guys, I need your help, I will be taking coding classes from February and I need a new Mac Book please help me… https://t.co/f0SBQlEQpo
RT @cambrialeigh: BAY AREA (specifically SF) PLEASE HELP. A friend is missing and in danger somewhere in the city. He is one of the k… https://t.co/ijxOOSPPet
@shuchikalra People - it's a request that please don't give attention to bigots, because the sole purpose of bigotry is attention.
RT @SFSymphony: The San Francisco Symphony is pleased to offer free tickets to Federal employees during the government shutdown to… https://t.co/gezaeKY3Cr
@ManUtd Solskjaer, please, stay in Manchester forever!
RT @baileyasheck: Please retweet to get my name out there!! This has always been a dream of mine and I’ve worked so hard https://t.co/tVeYmHdT17
@GraysonDolan I'm going through the same bullshit. My dad is diagnosed too. I didn't know how to get through this a… https://t.co/NgqIheEiNV
RT @cambrialeigh: BAY AREA (specifically SF) PLEASE HELP. A friend is missing and in danger somewhere in the city. He is one of the k… https://t.co/ijxOOSPPet
RT @Quark_Chain: Right now, we have both GPU and CPU mining guide. Thanks everyone for joining #QuarkChain mining project. If you ar… https://t.co/7sXpTBkFCH
RT @BIGJETTYFAMOUS: I don’t care if u like me just pray for my son 📖🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 he was born with Hypoplastic left heart syndrome 💜 if I… https://t.co/m4eLh3QJDd
@BeingSalmanKhan bhai my wife wants to meet up please let me know will be available in Mumbai any time from Delhi please
@LiveMtfc @ManorFarmFC @MELKSHAMTOWNFC I've heard that the scoreline is incorrect. Please amend to 1-3. Thanks.
RT @NaturesPoisons: My daughter (12) doesn't wear her hair up because of her scar. She thinks it's ugly and afraid of what people will… https://t.co/i6A9ugzwZn
RT @jikeriaaa_: Ladies please stop acting like you can’t function without a nigga.
RT @Maria__IK: Request to Everyone please join the HT #خان_اکیلا_ہی_کافی_ہے launched by @insafiansPower. PM Imran Khan said Once H… https://t.co/TOWD956VCd
RT @YouAreAwesomeZA: If you in a relationship pull your weight! if your man spoils you, spoil him right back, if your man hasn't called… https://t.co/HRH7Vu1hy9
RT @frappedhes: yoongi's in pain but still continued to perform well for us armys. Health is more important yoongi please rest and… https://t.co/aCfv9QwU5Q
RT @Serremmy: Who's the dumbest? Please don't forget to retweet after voting!
@ganespta Thought that this product could be of your interest. Please check it out. And, if you find some time, ple… https://t.co/2ME4Oce6iz