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RT @ShivaayTheFilm: Thank you all for participating in the #ShivaayQuiz Contest. Winners will be announced shortly.
Vince Foster & hiliary clinton affair proven by the Fixer. He died shortly after w a supposed suicide which stopped… https://t.co/vhyFLeFPGz
@jacob_treger thanks bro ❤️ hahaha currently at dentist be at school shortly
I'll be talking London airports & Wales @BBCRadioWales shortly - I'm still #OpenForBusiness
RT @AlpineSportsSA: It's nearly gravel grinding time! The all new @Colnagoworld Prestige hits SA shores shortly. https://t.co/KKGJGv9OsF
Listen to us talk Airbnb very shortly (like, now). https://t.co/uSoWk1QfXi
@keithcampbell48 @dmnhealth @RRSports I do believe we saw the same sky! You'll see what I mean shortly...
@JKavJA mi would a love fi know too, mi a go down deh shortly.
Our new #training courses coming out shortly... get in touch for the latest list! #socialmedia #DigitalMarketinghttps://t.co/iXWaIKZgkl
It's slowly dawning on me that I can't just tweet on trains all day but will have to work shortly. Damn.
@cinestatement @stefantobler @willevans will do! I think we'll be sorting out 2017 visits shortly.
#PASenate is scheduled to return to session shortly. You can watch live: https://t.co/6AfL5NcXHp
well we should all be geniuses shortly. Thanks for the find @JacobGoodin https://t.co/NQNrdZVzBs
Youth Opportunity for upcoming Swansea production of FAME the Musical, Auditions announced shortly - apply Now... https://t.co/wp4qupWSOC
RT @trekonlinegame: Our STO maintenance is beginning shortly. We will update you once maintenance is over and Star Trek Online is unlocked.
@TyranitarTube Don't know if you covered this yet, but the Team Skull theme visualised has the word "YEAH" in it. I will send a link shortly
So a friend called me asking where do I work so I told him, shortly after he called me to go outside and there he was with Starbucks :')
@amandaaaq We're sorry for the delay. Our @PCFinancial team will get back to you shortly.
< showing how the cathedral looked shortly after completion. ((As it's just about dark, I return to the hotel for a traditional thali....>>
RT @EchoEnergy14: We will be sliding into winter shortly. Why not try us out? It is easy to sign up and save $ with our low rates.… https://t.co/i8JoHKyTvI
RT @oppidanpress: The student attempting to negotiate a ceasefire who was arrested shortly after this video was recorded. #UCKAR… https://t.co/rzYEQp9Civ
@Eriadus What is your support number? We can get an agent to look into your request shortly. *LT
Shortly after, all men ain't nothing. Even the ones who tried to warn her 😂 https://t.co/uZfXc4Wmqh
RT @emilyWTOL: Pence arrives at Toledo Airport ... scheduled to speak shortly. https://t.co/oWw62c2Mgl