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RT @Its_MsRaeToYou: It's ALWAYS shit u can't control in life but I refuse to fumble ‼️
RT @APT_IQLN: Preview of POV’s All the Difference & College Bound Student Handbook Discussion - https://t.co/4xiy62ggpj
RT @1DropDansLaMare: Il faut s'organiser pour que @PuNkY_PSB ne tombe surtout pas sur ça. Jamais. https://t.co/PLDBm3kpXk
RT @CREAM_419: It's sad how College & Universities now have 5 classifications: - Freshman - Sophomore - Junior - Senior - Graduating Senior
RT @yanis6z: Moi si jparle à quelqu'un et que la personne s'endort j'men fou je préfère ça et qu'on se reparle le lendemain que d'avoir un bonne nuit
RT @TheirKidrauhl: Being a belieber doesn't mean that you have to own all CD's or telling him what to do etc. it's about supporting & being there for him.
RT @AliciaaaxP: Yet another unrealistic expectation of women's bodies... when will it end? https://t.co/raW0wm1BOk
RT @IgboProverbs_: Awo adighi agba ọsọ ehihie n' efu./ The toad does not run in the afternoon in vain. [There's no smoke without fire] https://t.co/NkUcn4soZH
RT @taeyong1st: Istg Renjun can pass as Yixing's younger brother. The resemblance is so strong or maybe it's just me...... https://t.co/18mCYMkvOU
RT @AyaZayter: *waits for the camera to show A.D's face* *camera doesn't show A.D's face* Me: #PLLDeathTrap https://t.co/XTmcPvAB5J
RT @organize_crime: If u don't trust me what's the fuckin point
RT @Ted_Strickland: It's great to be with Vice President @JoeBiden in the Mahoning Valley today! #OhSen https://t.co/knhnEEzTfU
RT @romaindillet: EXCLUSIVE: Here’s Facebook’s revised 10-year roadmap https://t.co/4DI4iMPfip
RT @Bieber9Noticias: Justin performou ''Love Yourself", "Cold Water", "Let Me Love You" e "What Do You Mean?" no BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge - 31/08.[...] /Emyh
RT @Heinrichheute: Jetzt lasst’s den #Franz in Ruh. Jeder wollte diese Scheiß-WM, alle wussten, dass das nur mit Schmiergeld geht. Warum büßt nur einer?
RT @MTVNews: 9 times other artists covered Justin Bieber on Radio 1’s live lounge: https://t.co/4tQHM35CAk https://t.co/Z1fdXdxLpu
RT @TheGrefgYT: Ey guys! @MichaelCondrey @SHGames Don't forget old gen. It's still here... Camo challenges STILL NEED A CHANGE!! LET'S GO COMMUNITY!!
RT @FreddyAmazin: When you realize it's already September https://t.co/MkXRWB9yWC
RT @FallonTonight: .@Stranger_Things's @milliebbrown shows off a hidden talent -- rapping @NICKIMINAJ's verse from "Monster" https://t.co/4eTTRB5oqA
RT @CcamilaSquad: Camila's beauty is insane,she's so so beautiful https://t.co/ph77CrT2De
RT @LilMissRightie: lol @ all the people defending Kaepernick's douchiness. These are his practice socks https://t.co/GbXyqKeQws
RT @_Snape_: Who's ready to go to Hogwarts tomorrow?
RT @KirillWasHere: Strong survive & the weak die. That's 1 of the laws of nature. We can't save everyone. Hate traffic? Time to let some people go...