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RT @KaeeRose_: It’s so heart warming to know a guy thinks you’re completely perfect when you know you’re far from it. Like...💙😍 ju… https://t.co/50MPlKWwMG
RT @ashindestad: I don't get what we're comparing here? The Maasai are probably one of the most interesting and unique ethnic groups… https://t.co/IkEqhw5t2p
RT @prwhittle: This horrifying incident happened in Birmingham on Friday. A Traffic warden dragged from his moped and viciously at… https://t.co/CsFk1Mt1ck
RT @Fact: In 2010, McDonald's mistakenly packed and distributed 5,000 Happy Meals with a condom instead of a toy.
RT @BlueClaws: Don't get too down about the season being over. It's only 200 days until we start anew! https://t.co/1wBe6MaOsO
RT @ChrisMurphyCT: It’s a gorgeous day in Connecticut today. So instead of complaining to a friend about something Trump did or said l… https://t.co/JRZVKP1QTV
RT @senemtimuroglu: kadınlar isyan etse, ev işini yapmayı reddetse, (...) bu iş dalı olmasa, ki ben buna müebbet hapis cezası diyorum ç… https://t.co/JgDRvHCHSL
RT @CarolLeonnig: NEW In Georgia, a legal battle over electronic vs paper voting has national security implications. Pitting a Trump… https://t.co/OJ4WI1hnbJ
RT @elysiangukk: Jimin sounds the cutest when he’s complaining https://t.co/5j9lv6GBbP
RT @kyungsoo_stan: Get ready for EXO's new choreo OH MY GOD https://t.co/FxuWgVWsXD
RT @JustinYotto: You are not living in the fullness of God's grace if you are still condemning yourself over things he already forgi… https://t.co/T4Tu4YxwRe
RT @JohnWDean: Oh my! There are now SEVEN former students who attest to Jimmy Jordan’s knowing about sexual abuse by the wrestling… https://t.co/AhcLsOGUhh
RT @DonaldJTrumpJr: REVEALED: Three Democrats Attended Private Dinner With Iran’s President And Louis Farrakhan https://t.co/uVOyMyGxbj via @dailycaller
RT @RapHubDaily: Lil Wayne’s "Tha Carter 5" album is set to drop in 6 days https://t.co/h9SJvDpqfa
RT @SpaceX: SpaceX has signed the world’s first private passenger to fly around the Moon aboard our BFR launch vehicle—an impor… https://t.co/G5IpyBTGG5
RT @21percentjiwon: BOBBY AND JINHWAN FIGHT 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Bobby was forcing Jinhwan to say : “I’m sorry, I was wrong” while locking (?) Jinhwan… https://t.co/XQjR2R8ReA
RT @TagWhistler: There’s 4 weeks left to experience Vallea Lumina. Showtimes nightly until October 14th. https://t.co/2HbBGtI1q0… https://t.co/TJWA5FWiFE
RT @__WesleyBD: Girls HATE walking and I don’t know why. Tell them it’s a 20 min walk and they will consider getting Uber
RT @TXInstruments: IoT continues to evolve, but are we evolving with it? Learn more from TI’s Mattias Lange: https://t.co/YiKgvdtJ5M https://t.co/Mah4GdhXOD
RT @Laijq: #Capricorn don't give a fuck how beautiful you are, if you show one aspect of ugly personality it's over for you.
RT @WinSTEMplym: Lottie's latest adventure was with @WTCLogisticsUK doing some sailing! Thanks to them and @petrolpup for the invite… https://t.co/cKNTzvGRwp
RT @KennieJD: You know something that’s interesting: I’m a tall woman (6ft to be exact) and people always think that means I’m th… https://t.co/Y9FblaMFw9
RT @ogundamisi: When you wish Nigerian soldiers are killed to have a dig at @MBuhari @adeyanjudeji dug up old photos of our heroic… https://t.co/0yfbI7Q2pV