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RT @paullewismoney: Now thanks to court action by Child Poverty Action Group Government announced today that they will pay arrears back… https://t.co/E1lpYH7lWO
RT @BeauteDeLislam: Si vous aimez exposer la faute des autres avec l'intention de leur faire honte ou de montrer leur faiblesse, méfiez… https://t.co/FmTMPncQJ7
RT @TheJordanRachel: Hillary’s 501(c)(3) seems to be connected in some sort of way to all these scandals. Plausible to assume she launch… https://t.co/B2wB6vu9Ua
RT @__sunchild: This is what’s happening in the Dominican Republic right now. This will soon be a reality everywhere if we don’t ch… https://t.co/KD7FNuH2yv
RT @BillRatchet: day 8635 without sex: i am a gamer. i am an Online Warrior battling the dark evils that face this world daily. i… https://t.co/oLXWgA3ncM
RT @GreysABrasil: Eu olhando pra uma pessoa doente depois de assistir Grey’s Anatomy... https://t.co/M3u9gF6Ivf
RT @SafetyPinDaily: It's Official: The Brexit Campaign Cheated Its Way to Victory || via TheDailyBeast https://t.co/QWckKTAMg1
RT @APlaceToMeet: Who’s been to Thorpe Perrow near Bedale? It’s beautiful and the perfect place to enjoy this gorgeous weather. Thor… https://t.co/2oENWx6Zbx
RT @hessaesthetic: grizou il s’est préparé pour le match de la finale comme si il allait sortit avec ses potes, jpp 😂😂 https://t.co/mVQo1rEkVC
RT @SLAMonline: Jabari making sure people keep that respect on Derrick Rose's name. Salute, king. 👌🏽 https://t.co/5NtqHO5GwF
RT @INDIEWASHERE: true real fact: when lana del rey says 'my pussy tastes like pepsi cola' she was actually commenting on how capital… https://t.co/lBeU9Sd7kf
RT @miel: we are getting TWO Mamma Mias and exactly ZERO Pappa Pias and that’s how i know feminism is working
RT @FoxNews: Thomas Homan on calls for abolishing ICE: "What's incredible is these politicians, members of the legislature, woul… https://t.co/ZHSx94G1ve
RT @tinawoodsss: Did u expect them to dive to the bottom of the ocean wit a pitchfork n some jeans to take a picture? You think they… https://t.co/JX8Sg2N4Xv
RT @GaryTheCynic: It's fucking semantics the word treason defines Trump's presidency .
RT @_SJPeace_: ICE PROTEST happening right now in Miramar where protesters have shut down streets outside the ICE facility. (S)he… https://t.co/tG51ABBMiE
RT @__jim_in: [#JimInFanTalks] theqoo 180718 BTS JIMIN’s very small yet heart-fluttering habits A thread showing #JIMIN 's del… https://t.co/nLhXLz7JAw
RT @Officialalexjay: Here’s another remix I did a while back. What y’all think? https://t.co/c1kgGRCY9S
RT @GFFN: N'Golo Kanté's family: now we know where he gets that wonderful smile from! https://t.co/7wOGvsQWAf
RT @CHOlJYS: i don’t wanna make this about kpop because it’s way more serious but it really goes to show how selective woke y’al… https://t.co/cwXF9K0Lxi
RT @Rabanalsafena: شكراً للرئيس ماجد النفيعي .. شكراً للأستاذ عبدالله البترجي .. ماقصرتوا و القادم مذهل 🔥💚 .. #الأهلي https://t.co/3kdv5y1BcK
RT @Min_Stefanson: Manitoba's crime rates have been too high for too long, which is why we are implementing our Criminal Justice Syste… https://t.co/XwfvwoQoj5
RT @mrchrisaddison: This has become received bollocks. Yes, of COURSE there's that lot of people out there, which is why we need an opp… https://t.co/TUbfSKdUeh