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RT @albertbbbalbert: It's Official: DOJ IG Refers Lyin' McCabe To Federal Prosecutor For Possible Criminal Charges… https://t.co/MysZRErFdX
RT @TrendMasterNGR: RT if you are a Nigerian youth and not lazy. Let's shame this old man ! #NigeriansAreNotLazy https://t.co/gdEHBaA1XR
RT @bbusa617: This Unlikely California City Just Joined Trump’s FIGHT Against Sanctuary Policies https://t.co/LMs1l1lo8B UNEXPE… https://t.co/FOfVwrQy0g
RT @trashygaytweets: It’s April 18, weren’t the aliens supposed to come and destroy the Earth today https://t.co/uw9jOs32km
RT @mattyglesias: In case you were wondering, Rush is telling listeners that Trump agreeing to North Korea’s longstanding wish for di… https://t.co/PIMSUnxTRa
RT @SaysHummingbird: Trump seems to care not a whit about Pruitt’s mounting ethical problems…Any other president would have fired him lo… https://t.co/4u0KYXLlxX
RT @KidsOf2018: teacher: “tonight’s homework is to read pages 57-89” me: “nice no homework”
RT @Babbs_com: Já me cheira a verão, só faltam as férias
RT @kanyewest: it's not where you take things from. It's where you take them to
RT @timelessclips: (2003) 15 years ago today, "Malibu's Most Wanted" came out. 🤣🙌 https://t.co/TjbkQSLNdd
RT @wroetoshaw: If I don't upload before 9PM tomorrow ill give everyone that RT's this before then £100 https://t.co/zdS4Z8Ub2P
RT @Squawka: Atletico Madrid's 3-0 defeat to Real Sociedad is just the seventh time they have lost by 3+ goals in LaLiga under D… https://t.co/NUfHx5pjfg
RT @zyxtrbl_: When he goes to the Grammy's I want him to show out with any of these looks https://t.co/btWPZiudrV
RT @Education4Libs: David Hogg is set to release a book in June. Okay, so the kid who can hardly formulate a sentence without a spelli… https://t.co/IWZaC1Kmor
RT @saltydkdan: It’s 4 AM and this video is making me fucking lose it https://t.co/ayvoibywuW
RT @Cooli_Cuhh: I have gay homeboys. Yeah I do. I know some people might not like gay people, in some cases you can say people hate… https://t.co/SgXdJf0Juq
RT @mjjacksonaf: Lets all remember Michael Jackson's legacy 💕 https://t.co/aIr4ZSxvkb
RT @Levis_kor: LEVI’S X KAI KAI’S PICK ITEM Live In Levi’s 캠페인 영상 속 카이가 선택한 리바이스 아이템! 숏 슬리브 하와이안 셔츠와 510 스키니 핏 진으로 쿨한 매력을 더한 카이!… https://t.co/YyCqDMUZwC
RT @SenKamalaHarris: The Senate may soon vote on the nomination of Kyle Duncan for a lifetime appointment to the federal bench. This man… https://t.co/oQn7TY3M2S
RT @Playm8z: Funny thing is, a lot of y’all will still vote for him. He’s ineffectual, doesn’t give a shit about his citizens, o… https://t.co/o5Bg6EnVGp
RT @Tammysdragonfly: ☀❤☀❤☀❤☀❤☀ #1 Holiday #BestSeller on Amazon Let Passion Take YOU ☀❤☀❤☀❤☀❤☀ ☀A TOUCH OF PASSION☀ IT'S #99c #Atop… https://t.co/SjRbqjKTt2
RT @YOONGIFlED: Seriously how is every member turning into jungkook or vice versa? First Jungkook and Jin looking a like Second Ju… https://t.co/z0xYRPyLHL
RT @PhilMcCrackin44: Aww.....That’s very sweet Mel. Thank you very much ! 🤗😘 https://t.co/6QpyAq7002
RT @NolteNC: 18 months of fake news. Do those lying assholes get to keep their Pulitzer’s? https://t.co/Hid3QFNTqW