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RT @chamwink: daniel’s turn reading the fan message just now! the fan have to stand up if her message is shown on screen but they… https://t.co/F4YoSlcEEy
RT @jintoxicated: Please pay attention to SMA. We only have 1 DAY left. We're currently #2 in the Main Prize & Kwave Popular which is… https://t.co/0kWuS9ZxLx
RT @Independent: Investigators look into Russian funding of Trump's golf courses in UK and Ireland https://t.co/roTPA5eqpG
RT @theseoulstory: [#KARDinSG] Here’s Somin singing her rendition of Taeyeon’s ‘Fine’! She is so used to performing in a group, and sh… https://t.co/DHtOTczFvv
RT @RAFIntelligence: Our Intelligence Analysts receive a Level 4 Apprenticeship in Intelligence Operations during training and have acce… https://t.co/77Etl9XaGF
RT @HallyuSG: [#KARDinSG] KARD B.M did a cover of Sunmi’s ‘Gashina’! https://t.co/sD9sHpyNWf
RT @lovabletae: he looks so happy, look at that smile IT'S ALL THAT MATTERS TO ME https://t.co/l4bXOQh7zm
RT @funder: .@GovMikeHuckabee-Be quiet you immoral fake Christian has been. Stop attacking the press, you moron. Also your daug… https://t.co/TKeqd8U9wA
RT @iamWali10: Where are those people who trended #BlockNarendraModi for following abusing Trolls? This abusive troll is Followed… https://t.co/wpUKczo841
RT @Da_iCE_TORU: 風邪ひかないようにね❄️ また必ず会いましょう😌 https://t.co/P6w4xqXbN8
RT @pjmbieber: if you see this tweet don't scroll down and ignore this tweet. please retweet and reply to this tweet with the hash… https://t.co/MAfvRAliKH
RT @alwaysbaejy: คนนึงเป็นเด็กแต่ทำตัวเป็นผู้ใหญ่เพราะจะได้ดูแลเขา อีกคนนึงเป็นผู้ใหญ่แต่ทำตัวเด็กเพราะอยากให้เขาดูแล เห้อ ความรักหน… https://t.co/UlnIsHJO8C
RT @coded4d9dc: [Vid/Trans] Jackson speaking Vietnamese at V LIVE YEAR END PARTY 2017 Backstage "Đi ăn phở với anh nhé!" (Wanna go… https://t.co/UDWeEuvhJ9
RT @hotfunkytown: “My son, Jamiel Andre Shaw II, was murdered by a DREAMer, a DACA recipient. My family’s peace and freedom was stol… https://t.co/Gk8aQfpmVb
RT @LesslieNewbigin: The rich tapestry of poetry, story, prophecy and vision that fills the Bible gradually enables me, as I read it in… https://t.co/ER4XAFVmJP
RT @premkumaractor: Elated to be a part of #Thalapathy62! Can't wait to share screen space with @actorvijay sir! Thank you… https://t.co/0zMsn9b0ja
RT @REMEZCLA: Meet the real-life Mexican grandma who was the model for Miguel's abuelita in #PixarCoco 🎥👀… https://t.co/LArVnc0cEN
RT @JudicialWatch: Court Victory: A federal judge in JW's case ordered State Dept to speed up processing of Clinton’s emails – orderin… https://t.co/c3MNXACjbU
RT @samuelluckhurst: Alexis Sanchez has just Instagrammed this. He's on his way #mufc https://t.co/uAQXmkCgFW
RT @p2OO5: Ganda nmn ng gising ko ToGe na UBE pa ang nakita ko 😍 KimXi Kim Chiu & Xian Lim Fr Xian's IGstory https://t.co/33dwJC1gbM
RT @ChoradiyaMehul: Dear Common Man of Delhi This is your insult, BJP-Congress corrupt nexus did this together, now it's your turn to… https://t.co/DX2Leg7Cfv
RT @geegee9snsd: Is okay if you want to stay in your delusional world and kept denying the fact that none of your faves can even be… https://t.co/5ImP990OSn
RT @EXOGlobal: Mass Voting for SMA has started EXO-Ls. Current gap is 0.15%. Let's work together to increase it more #EXOL… https://t.co/IlinB9vG5O
RT @royalsociety: It's everybody's favourite day, #PenguinAwarenessDay! So it's important to know your penguins. Spot them too… https://t.co/cRuc3L1koM