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RT @realDougBell: Although the illegal US occupation of Syria has placed it in full control over the country's vast oil and natural g… https://t.co/y8lpPZXt5y
RT @Reuters: Trump, France's Macron to discuss Iran nuclear deal next week https://t.co/INI04vubJV https://t.co/1lsaj8LBsf
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RT @JanzforCongress: This reminds me of when President Obama got Iran to stop building nukes. Trump and his supporters opposed the deal… https://t.co/mucUk3ZGyK
This is Iran and Iranian. @ Tehran, Iran https://t.co/HO01u4m9Pf
RT @TarekFatah: Shocking. Iranian woman is publicly beaten after her hijab is deemed 'insufficient'. https://t.co/lPk7WCzD05
RT @womenncri: #Iran: Women had remarkably active roles in two major protests in the city of Kazeroun, southern Iran, Charmahal Ba… https://t.co/t1XQhrIC8Z
RT @PressTV: LIVE: Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani makes speech. https://t.co/Z9vkcb4tvW
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RT @womenncri: #Iran: #GolrokhIraee in critical conditions after 75 days of hunger strike https://t.co/tgEUmcTPiM
RT @PleaseDoNotBlo1: @charliekirk11 If Trumps genuinely moves to free Iran from the terrorist Islamic Republic, he is an all-time candid… https://t.co/u7gFNHI1cW
RT @HanifJazayeri: STOP THE PRESSES: #IranProtests today at the Friday prayers sermon in Kazerun. Ppl chanting "Our enemy is right her… https://t.co/r2WVWTeBvU
RT @ninanininaa: @Angelaestefany9 Jajajajsjdj tu tweet fijado lo ame ajajaj Irán a Perú ♥️♥️♥️ yo lo deseo! @BTS_twt #MTVLAKPOPBTS… https://t.co/pEIIZzAUuj
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RT @Maryam_Rajavi_F: La population vaillante de Kazeroun a fait aujourd’hui de la prière du vendredi des mollahs, théâtre de mensonge et… https://t.co/4KUwXeZMxk
RT @shahriyarsyed1: Allama Iqbal's Love for kashmir. Today that land of Kashmir, under the heels of the enemy, has become weak, helples… https://t.co/4AMppS9NPL
RT @ArminNavabi: A video showing a female officer of Iran’s “morality police” slapping a young woman and wrestling her to the floor… https://t.co/K6sSQ5OtyP
#Trump admin hits Russia, China, Iran, North Korea in annual #HumanRights report: Washington Times https://t.co/2LBhSmC9J8
RT @JanzforCongress: This reminds me of when President Obama got Iran to stop building nukes. Trump and his supporters opposed the deal… https://t.co/mucUk3ZGyK
RT @Maryam_Rajavi_F: Vive la population courageuse de Kazeroun qui a manifesté pour le 6e jour consécutif avec des slogans traduisant la… https://t.co/nZicnZCx0v
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RT @benshapiro: This is good. Now let’s not fall for the Iran routine where they promise lots of crap and lie about all of it. https://t.co/Ormd9EIQsP
RT @Fintribune: #Tehran #Stocks Affected by #Forex Developments Coming out of a relatively good year, TSE had a tumultuous month ri… https://t.co/GyKvrA5JBn
RT @TrumpSuperPAC: Obama is the best President ever! Just look at all the good he’s done in Iraq, Libya, Iran, North Korea and Syria!… https://t.co/blggGLiloi