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@livefromtheabys @WylieNewmark @timmathews @EBKania e) political warfare is a broad umbrella term with different op… https://t.co/g0XaWNN3Uo
RT @omar_quraishi: What should SMQ have done when Adel Al Jubeir went on a rant against Iran at the joint presser - SMQ was the host s… https://t.co/sQ1skFnRSJ
RT @mahsti25metana1: #Iran Voice says: 'people are waiting in front of the store in line from midnight until the morning to get some mea… https://t.co/ipjyxt33Dp
@RealJamesWoods Pitifully sad. Time for the demoncrats to move to a Country they support. Venezuela, Iran, china, Russia....
RT @NPR: With just a single line earlier this month about using an Iraqi base to keep watch on Iran, President Trump fanned… https://t.co/670sS0GaWT
RT @aresbi3: Non c'è accordo su nulla. 😎 Visioni differenti. https://t.co/mY8eXFcNSV
@snarwani @JZarif Goddamnit! The Iranian youths hate Theocracy. Let them reform their country! Of course Iran we’ll… https://t.co/mssnZ1l6Q9
@tristang1978 Estoy de acuerdo. A veces lo que hay de fondo es envidia, también te digo. Algunos docentes no pueden… https://t.co/I7jRn7J63e
RT @iopyne: That's the thing with these LUBP marka "patriots". They drop the act the moment you replace Afghanistan with Iran.… https://t.co/DAFygYoe2y
RT @abdul_aldosary: Since ‘90s , Saudi have been fighting Islamists terrorists #BinLaden #AlQaida #ISIS #Iran #Hezbollah… https://t.co/tZ0be6bpKI
"Pakistan cannot afford to be a battleground where Saudi Arabia and Iran settle their scores." -- Why Pakistan sh… https://t.co/91TMhgv0Zm
RT @mahsti25metana1: Shiraz, #Iran People rush to buy frozen Brazilian meal at the Persian Gulf Trade Complex! https://t.co/mpIee95UjI
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RT @Fake_MIDRF: Пенсии точно отменят: Иран попросил у России $5 млрд https://t.co/mBHxmHRKLv
RT @HeshmatAlavi: 13) “They nicknamed it ‘Aeroterror,’ they said, because the return flight often carried weapons & was packed with H… https://t.co/0aXq86zk05
RT @WhiteSquall8: (17) How did the material get to Iran and then NK? https://t.co/wjBdK7SdHo
RT @fbhutto: But no, please, Saudi Arabia keep lecturing Pakistan about peace, brotherhood and how dangerous Iran is https://t.co/dKv4ztS3Gl
RT @NCRIArabic: مؤتمر ميونيخ للأمن.. تظاهرة الإيرانيين الأحرار بشعار إرحل يا ظريف+ فيديو وصور https://t.co/glA3Db0fDK #إيران #FreeIran2018
RT @dna: India, Iran agree on close cooperation to fight terrorism after 'heinous' terror attacks https://t.co/LiSJe3Onqf
#Assad's adviser Busseina Shaaban praises #Russia, #Chinas' #UNSC vetos "that saved #Syria", argues "some UNSC memb… https://t.co/osLA8KSIGu
RT @iran_policy: Iranians in #Munich tell #MSC2019, Javad #Zarif doesn't represent the ppl of #Iran; he represents a vile & decaying… https://t.co/DYpwmOYEyr
RT @goodmedicine4us: IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL EMAIL ID 100% matches latest Q drop… 2806 at WikiLeaks John Podesta Uranium One emails… https://t.co/E7OESTXuEE
RT @nicoleperlroth: If you’re interested in some of the more technical aspects of the Iranian attacks in my story today, Krebs just pub… https://t.co/nrkKhBKUCL
Anti Iran: "I hope he recovers soon [...]" https://t.co/nDVQoYdeSd