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RT @Dewmiso: " I'm Batman.. and I'm secretly in love with Superman " #Benryเรือแล่นฉิว เออ เอาอันนี้แหละ 555 #ผิดถถถ https://t.co/JZXJLlukaW
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I will love you 'til the end of time, I would wait a million years🎶
@iamironman1127 @TRMrsPotatoHead love mo ba si Adelee? 😒kapag pina asa mo yan suntukin kita . Arot HAHAHAHAHAHA
RT @NotebookMsgs: s/o to the boyfriends who love their girlfriends unconditionally while she’s still learning to love herself. y'all are appreciated and rare
@0220nicole きゃわいーにゃん😍
RT @KUROOSTHIGHSPLS: who deserves love, attention, respect, protection, happiness, success, real friends, support, hugs, sleep,pizza, gr… https://t.co/VO8EsabmOg
Hug me, love me, don't go, stay here.
RT @girlposts: "You're my family and I love you, but you're terrible. You're all terrible." https://t.co/oY4K1E3Gf6
I love how people think they can come and go in your life as they please. 😭😭
RT @PplSucksAsHell: Les tattoo: -c'est artistique et ça à forcement une histoire -Certains tattoo me coupent le souffle tlm ils sont be… https://t.co/oLkZKvOaG7
RT @AartiShambhrwal: I'm in love with you. Damn, I'm Lucky 😍💞 @Gurmeetramrahim #InspiringLionHeart 💞💞💞😘 @insan_honey https://t.co/6KME844DLy
@TinaKayxxx @21sextury Omg Omg so hot supersexy splendid fantastic exciting as the hell here wow i can't wait2see/love/💦💦💦💦💦u wow I OVE U
RT @shinkeey: (ㅎㅅㅎ)ベルを持ち帰ったらみんなはどこに置きますか?ベッドの上?机の上?机の枕元? シャヲル:え?え? 机の枕元ってなに????シャヲルがざわついた瞬間 #ジョンソロコン #Jonghyun
RT @TOPs_Fools: [161204] 0.TO.10 THE FINAL in Nagoya © @/utopia_871104 #탑의멍청이들 #탑 #최승현 #TOP I love those cute feet of his in his… https://t.co/y3np9X68H8
@Dr_Soapstein I truly pity you. You'll never know love, you feed on hate, and you'll die bitter and alone.
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@wolf86sven What?!? No love for Slaanesh.....the god of love? I demand a recount!
RT @rclag17: Ewan ko pero kinakabahan ako sa GGV. Hahaha. Ayoko mahopia sa I love her. MAYWARD FirstTimeOnGGV
RT @Rebecca_Naughty: I love wearing this so much 😏 Retweet if you want to see me without it on 😉 https://t.co/EEC5cUPOzz
RT @DrrakeTheType: Every time "Fake Love" comes on the radio https://t.co/wjS9huaBrQ