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RT @RickyPDillon: I love you so much @ddlovato thank you for being so brave and raw with us on “sober”. This song is probably going t… https://t.co/MLpYn9qQT6
RT @k1muriarte: @ewingsai is one of my best pals I love her 💗 https://t.co/lM1xUx2A1J
RT @bts_bighit: [Episode] #방탄소년단 '#Euphoria : Theme of LOVE YOURSELF 起 Wonder' 촬영 스케치 (https://t.co/lVDm06vYA1)
RT @ULTRAGLOSS: if ur a girl open this tweet ㅤㅤㅤㅤlove u bitch
I almost got sucked in by Melania’s visit to immigrant children today until she decided to ruin it by wearing this… https://t.co/tzSNC0dcvl
RT @EfRakesh: @SrBachchan Waah kya baat hai sir looking awsm sir wooooowwwww love you sir love you lotsssss ❤️❤️❤️🙏 #ABEFTEAM https://t.co/WwQR9ivUrv
RT @MangyLover: Dr Krauthammer will be sorely missed by those who love spirited discourse, perseverance, and gentle humor.
@ArianaGrande i love u more forever
RT @MichaelAvenatti: “and very soon we will be saying this together: Who is the love of your life? And you will say, you mom!!! Then I w… https://t.co/bPrtdHQO0Y
RT @momomoori: 180621 JIU use "我愛你" (I Love U) 3 words to make a triplet. 我: 我愛你 (I love U) 愛: 愛上你 (In love with you) 你: 你也愛我嗎? (… https://t.co/XsiYOD3iON
Not only do we trust you, but we love and support you with all our hearts and will follow you every step of the way… https://t.co/JgQmpGw81S
坂田家の子にフォローされたー! うれぴ(´◠ω◠`)
bey and jay shit go so hard!! I love them
@ArianaGrande I love you so much, I love this era my heart is like 💘💖💝💕💓💞
@ultjmin HNNNNNN he really !!! Slapped Jimin’s hand back like that SJDJEJE I love them
@ArianaGrande i wish you knew how much i love you
RT @ULTRAGLOSS: if ur a girl open this tweet ㅤㅤㅤㅤlove u bitch
RT @ULTRAGLOSS: if ur a girl open this tweet ㅤㅤㅤㅤlove u bitch
RT @GlasgowStPauli: That was an incredible screening. Love Sankt Pauli, Love FC Lampedusa Sankt Pauli. Love sharing the message!… https://t.co/3hKC2oKIDl
RT @ksorbs: Wow....I love how the Left claims to be the most caring and passionate and loving side of our political world, when… https://t.co/yCPzj2P7gt