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RT @ultsdanceline: i know i talk about minho's voice aka the voice of god a lot BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH I'M GLAD WE GOT TO HEAR MORE OF… https://t.co/uBSSpWtVSw
@zaynmalik a big big big love from Brasil, love you, king ❤
RT @queenoftwoo: Twitter, do your thing! My brother Ben has Osteogenisis Imperfecta along with multiple complications and wasn’t sup… https://t.co/KBZ9Y1eNhh
RT @btsinventors: yeah we love meaningless songs that CANNOT change your life https://t.co/hhTssdrNp3
"i'm chasing you the way you like" sknxkska I LOVE
Chanyeol is not the best dancer out there. He may not be as good as any excellent dancer in k-pop industry but I kn… https://t.co/W8lvAXinLw
RT @TheStagmania: This white guy just pulled up in front of my local Mexican restaurant in his big truck, blaring music and saw a gro… https://t.co/aslIoqSQ1s
@BigPaulLynch Would love that 👊🏻
RT @adoreloona: 180819 #LOONAbirth Debut Concert Yeojin: Vivi unnie and the maknae Yeojin’s Everyday I Love You, how was it? I thi… https://t.co/bZmqFldnZ5
Love nights like these ❤️
RT @d_alonte: nakikipag sabayan na ang kiervi sa mga sikat na love team grabe 🙌💜
@Stay__rainbow These took me 2 mins to find Bc I have too many photos and pics xD Bc I’m too lazy to delete them lo… https://t.co/3YZyVRz6nj
RT @HITMAN_FANBASE: Hitman Bang #LOVE_YOURSELF 結 'Answer' Concept Photo L version, in case you missed it. @hitmanb @BTS_twt https://t.co/1aA6ZWmHCA
@tanya_plibersek @Mary_AnneHolden Tanya such a beautiful picture of these two children and yourself! You can see t… https://t.co/Uob3rieXXi
RT @LittleMix: #7YearsOfLittleMix...What an adventure it's been!! It feels so amazing knowing we’re on this journey together, (yes… https://t.co/pWBsnC0OTC
Here’s to a true superhuman and best friend who continues to inspire me with strength, forgiveness, and an uncondit… https://t.co/dhAn9hYiRC
RT @kenobarnes: crazy rich asians, to all the boys ive loved before, and now this?? i love asian rep in hollywood 😍 https://t.co/Z1FXwqRj0G