Hey @garrickvanburen - we're trying to respond to your request for info, but your e mail addy is bouncing. hit me at teke@the-pitch.com
@garrickvanburen Thanks for the email! I’ll take a look at it tonight. Also, would love to talk you to bfast or lunch sometime...
@garrickvanburen @patrickrhone Thanks! Can u recommend any good blogs or intros? Trying to find Sephardic Jewish ancestors from Spain.
@donmball Actually, I have some light experience here. @garrickvanburen may have more.
RT @garrickvanburen: That fat binder of To Dos turned out to be a collection of brain farts, drunken texts & deck chair rearrangements. https://t.co/jYcfkTjKHW
@garrickvanburen thank you Garrick. Cheers!
@garrickvanburen #thanks for sharing about housecleaning, have a great Saturday :) (insight by https://t.co/crjk0eyx9k)
@garrickvanburen Any chance you could email me? I'd like to be able it save the info. I can DM you.