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RT @NaizerCC: La presentación de 'HAVANA' en los GRAMMYs tiene más de 3 MILLONES de views en Youtube! #Consequences #BestLyrics… https://t.co/OYaS0QvJwO
RT @nctttttt214: RT) 재현이 생일 축하 이벤트💕 알티 추첨을 통해 한 분께 바디미스트+핸드크림 세트를 선물해드려요 🌝♡ 국내 시즈니 주소 입력 가능하신 분 한정! 당발은 이번주 내로..🥰 #재현아생일축하해… https://t.co/VZy6f3vN4S
RT @LiamPaulCanning: Should be no overreaction from Manchester United fans. PSG just, clearly, the better side. Long way still to go to reach that level.
RT @TheHPFacts: Happy 38th Birthday to Luna Lovegood! The girl who inspired and who stood up for what she believed in and never l… https://t.co/JpNBETGfDA
RT @Airin_NZ: Tolong bantu VIRALkan Semoga segera ketangkep. Terus klw ud ketangkep jgn drama nangis lalu minta maaf.. Beredar… https://t.co/2YmQUWoTOv
RT @Krnc027: Gracias @URRAGuayas y gracias a todos por sus RT! En serio mil gracias!!!! https://t.co/PHaRQfF2SO
RT @SphereAnimale: Des cochons coupés en deux, vivants et conscients, pour porter chance. Des éléphants maltraités et traumatisés pour… https://t.co/fglmHbNWJQ
RT @AmauriRdz: Insípido, decaff, light, que ni te emociona ni te repugna. No te agrega ni te sacude, siempre piensa “similar”. Que hueva esa gente
RT @MikeeKhoury: my girlfriend wanna be dr pimple popper so bad
RT @mruiz_gema: 🙋‍♀️ España afronta la segunda oleada de #despoblación "La mayoría de las personas que se mueven buscan unas mejore… https://t.co/umyeHZRG6U
RT @estherpalomera: Sin pelos en la lengua @AITOR_ESTEBAN. De las mejores voces del Parlamento actual. https://t.co/PZRvdIQfAf
RT @mrjamesob: ...and makes it Secretary of State for Transport. https://t.co/fsgFoOeDGD
RT @BarkingDogCKUW: Folks! It’s Fundrive this week and CKUW needs your money! Listener donations make up a huge part of the annual budg… https://t.co/kkZrl1Bxg4
RT @magastorybook: Poll: Media's All-Out Assault on Trump Only Hurts Trust in Journalists https://t.co/GeLsvDEf4O via @BreitbartNews G… https://t.co/iOCreShlpV
RT @Labour_Celts: “If you remove English Army tomorrow and hoist green flag over Dublin Castle unless you set about the organisation… https://t.co/DYF92Wc6wS
RT @realmadrid: 🙌 ¡HASTA EL FINAL, VAMOS REAL! 🙌 #RMUCL | #HalaMadrid https://t.co/70u88nNcfO
RT @carolecadwalla: "Threatens the entire democratic fabric of our nation" Dear @LenMcCluskey, have you literally not read a word about… https://t.co/bKWrIdjbgB
RT @TRYDENTGYM1: 毎週水曜日は 19:00〜20:30 小林コーチMMAクラス。 20:30〜22:30 麻央先生柔術クラス。 どちらも大人気のクラスです😆‼️ 「総合格闘技(MMA)って難しそう…」 「柔術や寝技って難しそう…」 と思う方はぜひ一… https://t.co/6FEjk4ucvK
RT @DonaldJTrumpJr: You know the statement is insane when the Washington Post actually calls a Dem out on it. WHOA: WaPo Actually Fac… https://t.co/H07QQiFnJf
RT @ValAnnV_: @prescilasoto_ I hate u lmfaooooooooo A CHANGED WOMAN 2k19