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I missed the 3d models on dialogue tbh
RT @_MuriDesu: To any #deresute players: You may have seen the Anzu and Kirari 3D Models do this live, but have you seen THEIR 2D…
To any #deresute players: You may have seen the Anzu and Kirari 3D Models do this live, but have you seen THEIR 2D…
@peercrane one of hem was only made with TERRIBLE 3D models and drawn over them. I opened it and I was like "NOPE" and close it :"))
Check out this supercar concept #3dmodel by koleos3d available here via @CG_Trader
Great news! Now, all 3d models in our store could be downloaded in DAZ studio file format #daz #dazstudio
Is it possible to make the cel shading outline on 3D models different colors other than black? Just...
RT @SahmReviews: You have to encourage #STEM for your kids to succeed. @ukidz_toys's 3D models are in our Holiday Gift Guide!…
Top 10 3D Model Databases: The Best Sites to Download 3D Models for 3D Printing | 3D Printing Blog | i.materialise
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Alphabet and Number Props with Lights for Iray by Nikisatez
RT @BillSpooks: 3D models are great but honestly the Gold and Silver sprites were so charming and nostalgic they will always be my…
Check it out! I will design and optimize your 3d models for printing for $5 on #Fiverr
sometimes the anime switches from its 3D models to super nice looking 2D animated reaction shots and it's a little jarring lol
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RT @codedwebmaster: How 3D Images Can Help the Face of Your Business 3D Models and Renders Can Help Play a Vital Part in Your Marketin
3D-модель Смеситель передвижной для производства газобетона
3D-модель насоса НШ-10Г-3 (габаритная модель)
My goal in 2017 - Work animations - Work 3D models - Maybe drawings - REAL job at small company - REAL dream RIGHT NOW - Less suffering
@WindLightHQ making 3D models are very challenging
@stephieku really? I don't recall being impressed by the animations and stuff in AA5... or maybe the 3D models didn't move as much?