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@Glennfinito @jaubert_moniker I'm listening to Roxy Music right now actually
when we were in New Orleans we walked by a bar playing "More Than This" by Roxy Music and we dropped everything and…
RT @Channel24: ICYMI: This 11-year-old's epic violin-playing skills will blow your mind
@yWANsiGN7HJPBn1 Roxy Musicでお願いします🤲
Roxy Music - Love Is The Drug
ブライアン・フェリーが好き! Roxy Music - Out Of The Blue (1976)
Now Playing Slave To Love (1985) - Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music Listen Live via
@young_col love is the drug Roxy music was yesterday’s tune
RT @plapi_office: 【告知】 6月15日(土) 『Music Net Park ROXY Special』 《参加メンバー》 みこと薫、桜あや、レミルド佑実 ※天宮愛音は未確定です ご予約はDMよりお待ち致しております。
Producer @dsomach just found a 45 year old recording of Billy Joel right before he broke, and we're gonna talk abou…
RT @yukachan01417: ☆告知☆ 6月15日(土) Music Net Park ROXY Special 花ぐるまでの出演決定!! 予約2400円+1D(600円) 当日2900円+1D(600円) OPEN 11:40 START…
RT @NikkiKreuzer: Roxy Music, May 1973, "Re-make/Re-model," German TV show 'Musik Laden.'
@LeeHall5511 @recordstoreday @_sounditout @offthebeatentks #RSD19 stuff. Roxy Music. Elastica & Transformers Dark Of The Moon soundtrack.
RT @NCTsmtown_127: 〖 YUTA X TAEYONG X JOHNNY 〗 Unit Teaser #3 NCT 127 〖 #SUPERHUMAN 〗 Music Release ➫ 2019 05 24…
Hits rewound(ROXY MUSIC---LOVE IS THE DRUG)❤💊❤💊🎸🎸🔊🔊📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪
Paul Carrack of Ace, Roxy Music and Squeeze as well as a solo career (“Don’t Shed A Tear”), covered “Cover Me”.
@MissyLoisLane @Emmselk Oh foreigner! What a band! Roxy Music too?
Now Playing More Than This (1982) - Roxy Music Listen Live via
Yeah, I tried listening to IGOR. I guess I'm just so used to his music giving me PTSD that I couldn't finish it. Li…
RT @plapi_office: 【告知】 6月15日(土) 『Music Net Park ROXY Special』 《参加メンバー》 みこと薫、桜あや、レミルド佑実 ※天宮愛音は未確定です ご予約はDMよりお待ち致しております。
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