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Rory Gilmore acting and dressing like a 50s housewife to prove a point about sexism on a date is my level of petty.
@syidil kabeh weh favoritkapelforefer wkwkwk Rory-Indiena juga kayanya bagus ya
. @WhistleIre is someone I recommend following #LateLateToyShow Ryan Tubridy #DCUtv24 #GLAvMUN Rory #marian
@RoryKramer rory my friend. please tell @TheChainsmokers to unblock her @gataukelsey. she's their fan and now she feels so black and blue
@Rory_Dineen happy birthday bud!😉 im missing our heated liverpool-united debates on the bus😟
RT @fossiFiga: Ulteriore sondaggio perché la mia amica G. dice altrimenti e io voglio avere sempre ragione. Rory Gilmore è difendibile/giustificabile?
RT @fossiFiga: FINALE: LA MIGLIOR PUNTATA DI UNA MAMMA PER AMICA DI TUTTI I TEMPI * puntata 3.5 ** a casa di Rory 2.16
i dont get rory and jess wtf
I keep seeing memes that say "Gilmore Girls should make more episodes as long as Rory isn't in them!!" ...but she…
@BenjiTalent @Spotify Yesss! Nu-metal was the one! Hope there's some @SpineshankBand on there mate! 🤘
RT @RorysStories: Rory is some golfer , but no chance he'd kick a 45 on a wet dirty evening in Downpatrick #LateLateShow
> want or need to know. But I feel like I had to tell you. -he smiles- It's fine Rory. Thank you, pleased to make your acquaintance. >
> with a small bed.- No one will bother you here. I promise you. -I sit on the bed- Thank you Father. My name is Rory. I don't know if you >
can jess just come back and tell rory to go back to yale she'd listen to him (also, he wouldn't stop until she did listen to him)
@Keiko2Lucia Al menos Logan y Jess. La escena de Dean me dió mucha pena, aunque fue muy bonita, especialmente cuando Rory agarra la maicena.
Oh guck mal, fatshaming. Classy Rory. #gilmoregirlsayearinthelife
@Keiko2Lucia Logan es Christopher y Jess puede que sea el Luke de su historia. Quedó claro que todos siguen teniendo sentimientos por Rory.
Some hungry angels in @VisitHelmsley today #helmsangels @SmallBizSatUK come and find Rory and enjoy a fun weekend
RT @RorysStories: Rory is some golfer , but no chance he'd kick a 45 on a wet dirty evening in Downpatrick #LateLateShow
ho sognato jess e rory, mi dicono che il finale di gilmore girls l'ho preso proprio bene
@comicbookgal hahahahahahaha i felt the same - been watching reruns on vibe. maybe i liked the show not necessarily rory or lorelai? idk