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@HalasBearReport @Johnathan_Wood1 i've only recently tried to really follow politics lol but Rand Paul seems solid.
Sean Paul - Temperature
Match 10: After 15.0 Ov, Netherlands 85/9. Ahsan Malik 10 (8b), Paul van Meekeren 12 (9b) #HKvNED
@MKW_ACE meant az stirling not paul smith....
RT @NBA_Skits: Breaking: Chris Paul is expected to miss 6-8 weeks with a torn left thumb ligament. He will undergo surgery tomorrow.
RT @maamallan: இது வெறும் ஜல்லிக்கட்டு தடை பிரச்சனை இல்லை அதையும் தாண்டிய, பலகால அழுத்தத்தின் தன்னிச்சையான பீறிடல்
Paul Hardcastle - Unlimited Love The Strings listen, like, share at
Epiphone by Gibson Les Paul Model Black Electric Guitar w/case Free Shipping #Gibson #Guitar
RT @CllrBSilvester: Retweeted Telegraph Politics (@TelePolitics): Paul Nuttall set to contest the Stoke Central by-election, say...
Do you ever just NEED to listen to Temperature by Sean Paul?
RT @JimHarris: LOVE THIS! GREAT Cartoon On Trump Inauguration By Paul Noth aka @PaulNoth #wef17…
A man who is 'of sound mind' is one who keeps the inner madman under loc... #PaulValery #quote
RT @DonnaFins: Omg this Paul and Dylan scene is breaking my 💔! Great acting by Steve Burton and Doug Davidson! #YR
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Checking out "Paul Ryan Picks Fight with Donald Trump Over Big Pharma Corrupti" on Tea Party Command Center: Corrupt
¿Por qué tiembla tanto la parte central de Italia?
RT @MetalOllie: What a surprise, said absolutely no one ever.
Epiphone Les Paul Ultra III w/ NanoMag, USB, ProBuckers, Full Setup #Gibson #Guitar
Hall of Fame Golfer Tom Watson's Mitsubishi solar panels in HI, expects $16,000 in savings in the first year.
Onm:Chefsache: Wie führt getakanoo seine Mitarbeiter? #startup
Rand Paul: 'Somebody Should Go To Jail' For Trump Intel Leaks - Breitbart McCain
RT @BreitbartNews: This would explain the recent exodus from BuzzFeed's politics site.