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RT @arshiazizkhan: ताजमहल का tax खाते हो और Romeo को दौड़ाते हो !!
@jromeo255 K I'm reporting you for harassment bye
RT @lizziethat: "We saved each other. Like Romeo and Juliet" "You really need to finish that." #Supergirl
RT @Mitalishah121: Those who used to mourn Nirbhaya's death are now shamelessly questioning Anti Romeo Squad !! Height of Double Standards !! #truth
RT @SttefyG: @SupergirlStaff "Romeo&Juliet". "Mon-El saving Kara". "Kara saving Mon-El". "You came after me. Every time" ICONIC! Karamel is Endgame 😭😍👌🏻
RT @i_me_my5elf: Great to see that positive change is happening in Punjab without getting highlighted in Biased Media which is busy…
Romeo y Julieta <3 la Bella y la Vestia <3 Mama y papa <3 Daniel y ¿ ? :(
Yogi gov spread water on to the leaf. I am not seen major transform buy anti romeo squared.
RT @JohnMDevereux: Romeo: "But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun!" Juliet: Send me $5 see what happens ;)
First station u hear on that clip callsign x-ray echo 3 alpha romeo victor (XE3ARV) Santiago Chile
Prefiero morir ahora que prolongar mi muerte si no tengo tu amor- Romeo y Julieta.
Faaaa Romeo Santos 😍😍😍
RT @jeetensingh: No any complaints even verbal too Against "Romeo Squads" @BDUTT But feminist, #Presstitutes n filmi dancer are vom…
@olivia_romeo_ unless they were referring to your snapshot photos then I could just a tiny bit understand
Rahul j Kya aunty Romeo site karo ke liye
RT @girlgroupzone: The Show lineup (03/28): B.I.G B-Side CNBLUE GOT7 MVP VICTON Girl's Day Gugudan ROMEO Lipbubble BIGFLO GFRIEND Highlight Seven O'Clock
RT @CholericCleric: Personal stories like these have more impact than data.Yet,until now only Fibbies were using this weapon effectively
#myshx400 My 9th grade teacher went against School Board policy and showed "Romeo & Juliet" VHS version by Franco Zeffirelli. I❤Will.S
Kenapa Apple bagi red iPhone kat orang yang dah tentu mampu beli? Romeo and Cruz are lucky... Way too lucky...
170309 엠카운트다운 미니팬미팅 MCountdown Mini Fanmeeting #SEUNGHWAN @teamct_romeo #승환 #이승환 #로미오 #ROMEO #WITHOUT_U 역시 이승환이 짱이…
RT @MatiiCamacho: Le tapaba el nombre y abajo enorme ROMEO FLORES jajaja
The party scene from Romeo and Juliet is one of the most magical scenes put to film
RT @updatesHFK: "It is the east, and Juliet is the sun" -quote from Romeo and Juliet. Solis a name meaning sun @solisangelus