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RT @ikigai_spin: "So what are you into romantically?" Me:
RT @Mvpdurham29: Idc on what terms we ended , if I loved you then , I love you now. Not romantically , but as a friend who lowkey looks out for you.
RT @ikigai_spin: "So what are you into romantically?" Me:
RT @momimprettylit: I can't hear you baby I'm romantically numb
@2Ferdi7 @JennUndercover @QuntumEntanglr @JAGVISUALS2 u rejecting the one who Jesus teach who are supposed to be in…
@hidaisabagel hell even ace ppl can be romantically bi/pan but no, you can only be gay like /side eyes
we're up all night for good fun we're up all night to get Incredibly Depressed thinking about your OCs being romantically angsty
O-oh... but if you're not romantically interested in me, then at the very least... I'd like to remain your best friend.
RT @kyraaroberts: Being friends/romantically involved with me means ur gonna be called things like "cutie/nugget/pickle/pumpkin" quite often ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
After everything you did I still want you. Even if it's not romantically. I want to have you in my life. Even if it's just as a friend.
for people who want to be romantically involved with me you need to know; 1. I am a dick 2. I dont have feelings 3. You will get hurt.
RT @starrprophets: i'm a little in love with all of my friends, not all romantically but i'm in love with certain qualities they possess
i love kisses like not even romantically like i used to give my cat kisses
@animepocoyo they have my fave platonic relationship in all of mp100 but I don't ship them romantically, adult/child ships make me v uncomfy
@fact501981 you can still cheat romantically like what happened to me
I am romantically smitten with the entire Obama family.
RT @bisexualrobot: COCONA: [has an entire episode unambiguously dedicated to deciding she loves Papika romantically] YURI FANS: not yuri. not official
GONE VIRAL!!! Watch Lagos Girl Precious, Romantically Twerking To The Camera. (video) | Talk of Naija
"When it comes to men who are romantically interested in you, just ignore everything they say and only pay attention on what they do."
@archerdetective oh god do they continue romantically or some shit
I've been playing #Undertale with Zeke and Rainer and they're like borderline romantically in love with me as a result
adorable autumn date idea: drawing in a coffee shop and ghost hunting romantically
@rhaelias like romantically? 😭😭😭
Me And Cronus's Bond Is Obviously Strictly Platonic. Stop. Shipping. Me . Romantically . With . Men.