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RT @DothTheDoth: I am no different than a plant, occasionally give me water & just leave me alone most of the time.
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I’m also convinced that Cal insisted on Robyn letting both Reikki kids study there, too.
RT @melissperezz: i swear to god Robyn if this isn’t an album cover
Stefan always feared that Cal wasn't the perfect man for him. Robyn always feared that he wasn't the perfect man f…
Some people so stupid they tell u the same story more Than 3 times ...bro TF
RT @girlbaeworld: Robyn Rihanna Fenty 20 February 1988 Saint Michael, Barbados 🇧🇧
Me during abnormal psychology these last two weeks
RT @jamesjmnz: robyn did more for music than the beatles
RT @Princeprice_239: Rih Rih you better not be playing with me. This better be a single or an album and not another Fenty product becaus…
In honor of @sroakes today, we are reporting how @universityofri students use the on campus laundry services. If we…
RT @nitabp: This is terrifying - poor sea creatures🧜‍♀️🐟🦈🐡🐋😥
RT @desusandmero: This Florida man is definitely the weakest retired NYPD officer in the state.
i swear to god Robyn if this isn’t an album cover
Robert Goodrich Robyn Artifaye Porter
Yes, this is great advice! And it’s the exact reason I am not huge fan of you, Mr. West.
RT @blazingxmexican: Number of people who go bankrupt every year due to medical bills: France: 0 Japan: 0 Germany: 0 Britain: 0 Canada:…
RT @NormaniKordei: can't breathe . just . saw . robyn . rihanna
Who Else ain’t seen a X ...I’m taken back
RT @desusandmero: "There's always like one good piece of advice in a coke rant." Mero on Kanye's new tweets.
RT @NormaniKordei: can't breathe . just . saw . robyn . rihanna