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I honestly miss my nipple piercings 🙄
@banana_flinger "U-uuhm..your butt is nice..b-but I prefer boobs!"
@jojoh888 @bfraser747 And when u wear piercings like that it says "hey look at me...I'm an idiot". This is our new labor force!!??? Scary!
The amount of tattoos and piercings you have doesn't change anyone's personality, just their appearance
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Ko tyg ketet, lurah, boobs pastu bajet jgn komen lucah, abis yg ko bposing lucah tu knp setannn
@faber_acuria desde muy temprano son llenas de tatuajes, o maquillaje, piercings. Las hace ver mucho mayor.
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RT @fearofdad: wait bdsm isnt short for buddhism
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RT @sleeppinglua: 12- ter muitos piercings na orelha (acho lindo me julguem)
i want more piercings 😪
RT @FemaleStruggIes: Small boobs may get called 'pancakes' but guess who gets the cuter bras, no boob sweat and can go braless? Miss Pancake over here that's who
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