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acho que vou fazer um thread das minhas tattoos e piercings mas pera eu n tenho tattoo
RT @kinkly: #Orgasm denial has benefits?! Actually, yes! And they just might surprise you!
RT @snoochieshy: I appreciate the few days before my period starts as I go from mosquito bite boobs to mini inflated boobs. Gr8 experience xx
❛Afternoon, cherries! How is everyone?❜ Her smile lit up even the darkest of rooms; her red lip-stick stuck out. So did her boobs.
Little do I get to see/touch any real boobs?
Ellise, your binder is too tight, even my boobs are dying.
Fui no centro colocar meus piercings
I didn't realize that I'd turned him down and thrust me into a discussion on the salient points of our new BDSM...
RT @IocaIdrug: Bondage -Rope -Handcuffs -Restrain me -The power is all yours
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i love having boobs
RT @chaewonho: this is astro's reaction when they saw they got beds AND a new and good bathroom this really makes me feel emo
RT @Subtle_Charisma: Say how is Twitter free again.. say it again, I dare you.