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RT @Passengersalute: #SouthernStrike - BEST TRAVEL ADVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: "ALWAYS LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE" #DelayRepay… https://t.co/7zlVh0EJCR
RT @wilsonsun: @RMT_Koesoema hah? bung @Dahnilanzar juga ikut2an menyerukan boikot sari roti?? 😲😢
あらやだSNSキョワイ ヒィwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww メンタル弱い子はやめた方がいいぜ🗿
@Jerrycozy @westcountryboy1 - have you noticed #RMT & #ASLEF have members on all lines yet service only dreadful on Southern
Encima lo bueno es que no tengo que salir https://t.co/1LsxO4ncIq
@RMT_Koesoema hah? bung @Dahnilanzar juga ikut2an menyerukan boikot sari roti?? 😲😢
🔴🔴🔴شاي التنحيف الفعال ينزل من8-10كيلوباسبوعين بدون رياضة ورجيم يذوب الدهون ويسدالشهية0544754461واتس Rmt #القمه_الخليجيه
(((Ntzn kntl))) Jelasnya di header profil @qitmr 😜 https://t.co/VKJ5A4zMVv
24hr legal cover Income protection Credit union Fines pool Political lobby group Join now https://t.co/9GZZDjKPXO https://t.co/lBCeoDUXYy
@lyrinano0315 RMTの準備じゃないですかね…
Yo tampoco me cambie,sigo desnudo
RT @PeterStefanovi2: Last thing we need is more privatization of railways! Good on RMT standing against it! They will need our support! https://t.co/oTmLmDEnpx
@SouthernRailUK are blaming the RMT conductors strike but I'm at Victoria and trains not leaving because of missing drivers. #southernfail
@rmt_ntm ありがとうございます
RT @RMT_LondonTaxi: Plying for Hire: Need for a statutory definition - rmt https://t.co/1Zj5PLVoBd
RT @RMT_LondonTaxi: Branch Secretary Addresses Open Trade Meeting Plying for hire - the key facts https://t.co/P4G0Ewu80N
RT @RMT_LondonTaxi: EDM 587 - Contact your MP NOW! - RMT London Taxi Drivers' Branch https://t.co/4kWtslrvsI