Tweets about a recent trend: RKO

@JBtheCape RKO could’ve made my list too. Maybe he’s injured and that’s slowing him down? Always a possibility with… https://t.co/li2W5g3oBE
@njthunderfuck Kalimot ko pila pero nag serve rko daan kay kebaw kong ma dugangan pa na HAHAHAHA
Honestly feel like one day there’s going to be an RKO out of nowhere https://t.co/1lDsExIDoE
Basta maghuna huna kos ikang gbuhat ba sakit japun kaayo. Di sad ko magdumot man. Hays, mintag maokay rko
RT @CursedYeager: There’s no reason why he should be this extra https://t.co/Cb2W4DLv9n
@Obibi_96 @Zolairx @Gallonse3 t'es pas le centre du monde rko
One day imma real live rko somebody and just dip
1. Rko 2. Batista Bomb 3. Spear https://t.co/D6utQtbuyZ
RT @ayeexay2: Imagine you just minding your business and a nigga RKO you outta nowhere 😭😭 https://t.co/qzVEmUSVGU
RT @al_godayan: في هذا الزمن تكاثرت الفتن كل يدّعى العلم مع قلة العلماء ممن نأخذ ونستفيد منهم في هذا الزمان؟ من جوابه رحمه الله : م… https://t.co/YWcXGwy4mb
keşke hatunun belinden şöyle kavrayabilsek hatunda rko hareketi yapsa neyse hayal kurmayalım https://t.co/ipi0L8k5qV
RT @Kikopher95: Kinda disappointed that he didnt RKO'd her https://t.co/O2a66Gb8z8
RT @Uncanny_Afro: I want them all to RKO me with their thighs 🧐. I might die, but it’ll be worth it https://t.co/Vmx3iWyszT
Sitting here watching my girl @KimKlro hubby RKO Nia at #RoyalRumble again... I ❤ it. Especially the look on Randy'… https://t.co/tjRej5jQr9
RT @rihannanamator: If Rollins won that match he would be undefeated at wrestlemania but we would’ve never gotten the greatest RKO of a… https://t.co/4QFatzZkHg
RKO me and I’ll knock your teeth out https://t.co/PYHLRceiUq
RT @AddysonSchaffer: The RKO is the greatest finishing move in wrestling history! Period! https://t.co/7uYPDjVAc4