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@imbigjuice the site looks great too! Love the graphic/logo, too!
Amazing @imbigjuice! @kobebryant may display magic on the court, but you're a true magician with your compositions. https://t.co/vE3ojNvd7w
@ProFootballTalk - Our RIVER caught fire. If you're gonna attempt a low blow, at least get it right, chumps. https://t.co/zqZIkaCdc1
@vancejoy awesome show 5/12 can't wait for Riverfire 🎉 https://t.co/gEy14dkL22
@riverfire Hey Jeff, we noticed you're a big #buckeyes fan so we're rewarding you with an awesome #strongersaturday gift! DM us for details.
😭😭😭 thank you @EzekielElliott! Ohio loves and will miss you playing for #theohiostateuniversity. #gobuckeyes! Zeeeke https://t.co/F8f183Npzx
Zeeeeeke. Gonna miss him when he leaves my #buckeyes. Best of wishes though @EzekielElliott #gobucks https://t.co/jSXwhsrLVf
Get it together @Browns, or you'll lose another lifelong fan. The worst it's ever been... #neverbandwagon https://t.co/FRuoS4Km6o
Nothing about @realDonaldTrump is common sense. He lives in a fantasy land. #entitled https://t.co/fdSKW4hjlc
Adversity. There's some truth to the "What hasn't killed me makes me stronger" mindset.
"What was said to the rose that made it open, was said to me, here in my chest" - #rumi
@TomShadyac I watch #iam literally once every couple months since I bought when it came on DVD. Thank you, sir. #documentary #film
@OhioHomecoming I emailed Alonzo about my next #documentary, but now I need to add more. Just watched his @TEDxCLE - YES! Let's talk soon!