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Trying on clothes you think you'll probably return with 3 cats in the house is a risky business...
RT @risky_dice_info: ※いよいよ明日!!※ 【全国リリパツアー in長崎】 9/17(SAT) @bar RABANO 【出演者】 RISKY DICE HISATOMI KIRA 翔 DIAMOND ARROWS https://t.co/xZ0JVmw2rc
RT @afcstuff: Xhaka: "I'm not someone who gives up, I'm a fighter. I always want the ball & I'm not scared to play a risky pass." https://t.co/smDyP9f6sK
RT @CEOPUK: It could take seconds for things to get risky online⏱For info on keeping children safe visit https://t.co/pmr6ktMcL9 https://t.co/Ba7k9Mo6jy
RT @niherd09: Granit Xhaka: "I’m not somebody who gives up. I love playing football, I always want the ball and I’m not scared to play a risky pass." #afc
@VirtuaMe @PS3SACD @UHD4k @FiveOhFour @UltraHDBluray back when PS3 launched blu Ray was a so called risky new format people loved PS3 had
RT @ConversationUK: A Siberian river running blood-red? Welcome to the Anthropocene epoch https://t.co/I9IgyQxiGN https://t.co/cCjrc9UWJy
RT @LockTheGate: The big risk with #CSG❗️ Vast amounts of risky brine water Santos ponds look like they're already overflowing https://t.co/kTD5OhOisB
RT @kosk_826: 1ヶ月後はRISKY DICEリリパin秋田💥 @ClubUTICA 近いうちに一緒に来秋するアーティストも発表するので お見逃しなく🙌🙌🙌 https://t.co/QAMLnJDWhv
RT @kastarchitects: Nuclear power is risky and expensive; here's a better idea https://t.co/bpOnm8YhSc
@Cernovich I've been getting ear tubes for 32yrs. RARELY surgical since 1999ish, esp. in an elderly woman. General anesthesia RISKY as hell.
RT @riskyskyyy: I still love you Da-iCE cover Risky sky YouTubeでも歌を載せてます! よかったら聴いてください! https://t.co/55gmlZxV6F
I hope @mysticgotjokes doesnt ssy he is gonna kikl himself to make jesse feel guilty?🤔
Giving advice is not as risky as people say; few ever take it anyway.
*sends a risky text* *doesnt even look at phone for the next 94 hours in case they reply*
RT @jessicacadams: What astrology says about the future of #Hinkley in January and May 2019 https://t.co/EuTnkQKgtU
RT @AllAboutTheAFC: "I'm not someone who gives up, I'm a fighter. I always want the ball and I'm not scared to play a risky pass." #AFC https://t.co/XGpBbttZbd
RT @hugh_canning: @CURZONPRODUCT @mhwolfson @JohnVecchio I thought it looked risky after someone said the Decca recording wasn't happening...
Thnx for reminder.See here for facts https://t.co/F8qbmiROfu. Not that @mikebaird cares about evidence @croakeyblog https://t.co/1FOD4lOOVp