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RT @babuxing: Where's Ris Low when u need her https://t.co/f1RzSXf7Zi
Phua Chu Kang Mimicking Ris Low https://t.co/4ioUJD7bea via @YouTube sigh
like wrong word altogether RIS LOW FRUSTRATES ME SO. fear for your birthday" -
#海外風俗用語 Boomz!: (英語スキルが乏しくて、自分のことを話すのが好きな子(ちょっと痛い子?)<br>※2009年のミスシンガポールのRis Lowから) https://t.co/7GLFVGU6fb
"the bee-gee-neeng" fucking Ris Low planned on saying raddd and not go on general sale tomorrow and an International Student Scholarship.