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RT @degostee: Say no to time-wasting, energy-sapping, heart-breaking, body count-increasing relationships! If the goal isn't marriage, it's not worth it
RT @kellraineri: Senioritis was nothing compared to spring semester in college
“Excellence is the gradual result of always wanting to do better.” - Pat Riley via @RyanHoliday #ExtraOrdindaryResults
RT @blurredshits: your love? it is slowly... fading.. away
RT @jodecicry: 🗣 fuck hector and the clique he claim
무도회에 가면 춤은 추고 싶은데, 막상 넘어질까 추지는 못하겠더라..깜짝이야. 언제 온거야? 방금 말 들었어? 응? 무슨 말 했냐고? 아무것도 아냐.
RT @furryfriends: Riley is doing great at his wonderful foster home. He loves other dogs. He is learning and getting healthy....
@Riley_AV ringadingding someone said the magic word. OuO
just fuck me, right
RT @briseydahh: The girls in her class & her crush Hector called her fat so she told me to take her on my run 😭 but mid run she pul…
RT @MastaSimon: 明日はAlkalineのNational Stadiumでのイベント。 Mavado, Tarrus Riley, Shaggy, Jahmiel 他。 普段ジャマイカであまりショーをやらないAlkalineだけにかなり注目されてるイベント! New Rules !
RT @Okimma: So funny how people who've never been anything but rude to you can suddenly find their manners when they need something.
dad: do you have a bandanna? me: ha why? dad: idol ko si riley eh OK????
PORNFIDELITY Riley Reyes Bubble Butt Romance -
RT @Edwundmusic: "How is twitter still free" headasses did this
Lots of mochi on top
Riley Reid and her stepmom Cherie Devilles unforgettable threesome sex
An amazing process is never anchored by one person. #ux #designthinking