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RT @TheMichaelRock: Many people don't know this, but it's possible to read something you don't agree with on the internet and simply move on with your life.
RT @charliekirk11: FLASHBACK: Reagan tells the best and most true joke EVER about Fidel Castro. You have to see this! RT! Reagan…
@Libera_SYJ2 *(볼살 주우욱) 그러면서 연못에 냅다 던집니까아아-?????
RT @PJStrikeForce: After years of searching 4 something my Mother left me, I found it! So True & Beautiful!! Someone else may need to…
RT @SandraHartle: Voting is one thing, insulting customers who don't agree is another. We are going to vote now with our $$
Full Video: Riley Steele - Working out her horny PC floor
@JH_SYJ2 전혀요!! 전혀 건방지지 않았는데요!! 늘 '귀여워...(씌잌)' 웃고 있었답니다... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ!! 얘가.. 고구마 먹이는 얘가 리베 밖에 없었는데(리베 쓰다듬..), 리베 말고 다른 사람에게 고구마 먹일 줄은 몰랐어요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
RT @UniofOxford: Watch the magical streets of Oxford at @HertfordCollege, @ExeterCollegeOx & Worcester in hyperlapse. Media credit:…
Click here to watch the movie: Add me on snapchat: imjuicyass
RT @Lrihendry: Goodnight my fellow racist, bigoted, deplorable Americans! WE DID IT! WE WON! Thank you for your RTs, Favs, Convo…
🎃👻Win Some Halloween Treats! mr. J Rude Boy Riley:
Great effort springs naturally from a great attitude. - Pat Riley #quote #SuperSoulSunday
RT @WDFx2EU18: Final Battle Brewing As Confirmed Terrorist Training Camps Within U.S. Protected, Arming For Jan 20…
@eren_riley he wanted to use me for sex and when I said no, he got mad 🙁
@Riley__syj2 *(꼬오옥) 제가 라일리 많이 좋아하는거 아시죠?
@Riley__syj2 흑..으흑.. 앤캐 있으면 들어와야지 했는데 앤오님이 투커라 바쁘셔서 잘 안들어 오셨었어요...그래서 퍼블트만 잔뜩...(무룩)
RT @Lrihendry: It's not racist to support a wall on the border! #BuildTheWall #AmericaFirst #MAGA #PresidentElectTrump
RT @cupofchowdah: Riley Nash just called Anton Blidh "Bleeder." Strong contender for worst fighting nickname.
RT @ABC: Canadian doctor Mohammed Shamji charged with murdering wife/mom of 3, who died of strangulation, blunt force trauma…
@Riley__syj2 ㅠㅠ...저야말로 홍이가 건방져 죄송했ㄷ...... 얘성격이 츤데레인데 잘 표현이 안됐네요 약한 데레데레라서.......ㅎㅡㄱ흑... 라일리뿔.....이뻥.....ㅠ 그림그려드리고싶다
RT @TheTrumpLady: Time to Get The Message Out Loud & Clear AMERICA FIRST Not #Globalism Can You Hear Me Now? #PresidentElectTrump…
Everyone leaves so why try 😊
RT @Thomas1774Paine: If you are a great journalist, you don't have to beg for money. All these TWTR posers asking for donations is embarrassing. Welfare journos.
RT @Cory_1077: #Police receive little or no recognition for their daily efforts, yet each day put themselves in harms way to prote…
RT @LawlessPirate: I'm tired of the militant #LGBT left making normal gay men like myself look bad. Most of the nicest people I've ever met are conservatives.