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Update: someone very important to me ordered me a pizza. ily @nealmchale
Как объяснить медичке что уголь мне никак не поможет?
@vivaalaviv she don't even like you
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You can't always get what you want 🎶💁🏻
Hoes On Hoes , Fuck Everything .
RT @cbsbaltimore: City Councilwoman Rikki Spector speaks out after being attacked by two teens Friday morning in a downtown garage. https://t.co/VRB8wO1r8V
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@Rikki_Lynn_ ❤️👸🏼👸🏼
RT @taylordiane23: Does everyone talk to their friends via Snapchat or is that just me? Like what even is texting anymore
Rikki "This puppy looks like a fox" Me "Pretty sure that is a fox dude" Rikki ".....oh.. I just assumed.." 😂😂
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This week has been trash, but like trash in a lemon scented bag... trash masked by decency
Just once. I'd like it to happen, just once.
RT @desnash_: Snapchat's filters are poppin lately https://t.co/cLcIE1rfc9
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2017 SOCA "CARNIVAL ARENA " FROM RIKKI JAI https://t.co/GATKgVJua9 via @YouTube