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ぼく「わかる」 ぼく食べられる人「わかる」 「んww」 ぼくも消去されたじゃわからず平然としてもらったw」 絶対音感の人「ホモは何も♡」 わかる」
Life is a maze 🌀 and love is a riddle❓ https://t.co/lEDxmQ2AWH
I'm bored. Riddle me this simple mitches:
@cjwhaley61 @Change 99 perc. Of the press has been so caring.Those poor people are broken how dare her treat that sweet Mayor like that
Riddle sellando elbows do Hero <3
@JShuttIe Shuttle is a straight savage. Never dodges a rank no matter who's on his team!! 💯👌🏼
@100wattjones Probably. But the #mnwild are a riddle, in an enigma, in a puzzle, with a no-movement clause for the biggest deadbeats
あの日々を僕は忘れないよ僕はまだ君の声を聴くことができる僕はまだ君と生きている【close my eyes】
@edweird_nygma house while carrying Ethan* Riddle: How's, Ethan, Edward?
Riddle me this, how does the tree, without any leaves, make a reflection THAT STILL HAS LEAVES? https://t.co/kILS42qYLC
@edweird_nygma in a lot of pain. Come along, u got a lot of explaining to do for the NightWatch. *Riddle picks him up as u came out of the +
I have a 9am library date with some classmates tomorrow and Sunday 🙄 #GradSchool #GrindDontStop
Okay here is another ancient philosophical/mathematical riddle. To get to Islamabad from Lahore I have to first... https://t.co/c8DhpxqDPa
BOYS HOOPS: Riddle 57, Rogue River 19 #opreps
@edweird_nygma Riddle: let's see I believe I've broken 103 bones in ur body. But since you're a Hellion, this won't kill u but u sure are +
Bitcoin’s X-Factor or What Stops it From Mainstream Adoption https://t.co/8qmzyJkcwQ https://t.co/7pApo8kq2h #bitcoin
@riddle_fetters 참 그리고 우리 종강하면 같이 커뮤도 가자! 3일이후로 같이 간데 없자넠ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
@riddle_fetters 웅ㅠ 갠차나 오늘 그나마 날 따뜻해서 야외에 오래있어도 얼어죽을것같거 그러진 않더라구 그치만 얼른 집에 가고싶어...(퀭) 나도 진짜 종강때 까지는 너무 바빠서...
Tom Marvolo Riddle x I am lord Voldemort 😱
@Olga_Riddle *отвешивает ПИНЧИЩЩА от всей широты царской души* xD
there's just something about problem solving 👌🏼😍💕😘
@Olga_Riddle да я поражаюсь... Ымператорское терпение! х))))