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RT @LAHcomic: This Hurts me to say this as @ricky_martin VP ...but I saw @JLo tonight and...😢😢😢She was better than KiKi 😢😢😢I'm so… https://t.co/HXU5JaYdfB
RT @tve_tve: Alfonso ha puesto a bailar al público de la #OT18Gala0 con el tema ‘Pégate’, un exitazo de Ricky Martín 🕺✨💃… https://t.co/IDZUiiHdNf
Yo fui al Cojo 2 días antes de María con @Descifrandolo 💕💕💕 Pusieron todas las canciones en cuyos títulos decía "M… https://t.co/WSNQJKVeJ5
Just had a light globe moment @ricky_martin 💡 As an accomplished Actor, how about more acting combined with singing… https://t.co/sr1WL0B2ys
Eros Ramazzotti, Ricky Martin - Non Siamo Soli https://t.co/GgViKyUuYV
😍😍Regrann from @fansclubrickymartintuyyomexico - #Repost @karina_colom • • • • • Que lindo beso ❤️❤️❤️@jwanyosef… https://t.co/bPbWbNGIbu
😍😍Regrann from fansclubrickymartintuyyomexico - #Repost karina_colom • • • • • Que lindo beso ❤️❤️❤️jwanyosef… https://t.co/oX05PKinJo
RT @RecruiterAwards: (Continued)...Ricky Martin from @Hyperec_HRS, Saffa Ayub from @BramwithProcure and Toby Babb from @HarringtonStarr!… https://t.co/UHezH3ZJdg
@ricky_martin @rickymartinwebteam @inpulsemedia Regrann from @finwirrock - Finn and Sarah Wittrock at the 70th An… https://t.co/txYODu0rHO
@ricky_martin rickymartinwebteam @inpulsemedia Regrann from finwirrock - Finn and Sarah Wittrock at the 70th Annu… https://t.co/Pvfhf2pfaU
@ricky_martin En caso no sea una molestia Un Gentil Saludo tuyo el 27/09 para Marina Materia @MamaTeria en su Cum… https://t.co/xusM7QNcWd
Regrann from @rickymartinwebteam - Congratulations @ricky_martin and the entire cast of @americancrimestoryfx!! S… https://t.co/6UdcsALTDx
Regrann from rickymartinwebteam - Congratulations @ricky_martin and the entire cast of americancrimestoryfx!! So… https://t.co/eZgbd1dPSh
Wisin - Adrenalina ft. Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez
No sé vosotros pero yo a Ricky Martin lo venero
RT @sujuskangin: pop tropical es tipo shakira, ricky martin, luis fonsi así que Animals será BOPAZO
RT @CharityStars: Thank you @ricky_martin and welcome to #CharityStars! Buy a limited edition shirt in support of Ricky Martin Founda… https://t.co/0KUtQ2SnDV
Ricky Martin empodera a los latinos en los Premios Emmy 2018 https://t.co/pUO7QDyCnV https://t.co/X5wUewuL1g
RT @GoldDerby: .@ricky_martin got big laughs with his salsa dance during Monday's #Emmys. Watch it here! https://t.co/ynlb1vGTyR https://t.co/omEEQW83dZ
@LAHcomic @ricky_martin @JLo If he ever comes back to Sydney I will go to his shows as his shows are still very ent… https://t.co/zdiOZJWouB
@delarosaWPLG @WPLGLocal10 Do you always have that cheezee Ricky Martin wannabe haircut or are you just sporting it… https://t.co/XYHNCaHmIP